@maxeddy I have been watching AT&T stringing fiber down my street for a few days... thinking to myself, "Self, the evil you know, or Fiber to the house?"

@TheGibson Honestly, I'm jealous. Verizon signed a deal with the city to put fiber through the five boroughs.

They never delivered.

@maxeddy We were the Google Fiber city that GOOG ran away from after a few months... AT&T took the precedents that Google got legalized and ran with it... who knew?

@maxeddy @TheGibson my town granted one telecom and one cable provider limited monopolies in the 90s. They were ready to not renew because service was shit due to no competition (shocking, I know)

But they promised gigabit, so the city renewed. It took a lawsuit to get them to start deployments. Sigh. At least I have gig fiber now, I guess. Pay through the nose for it though.

@thegibson @maxeddy Google Fiber is honestly a blessing

like I know they're tracking everything possible they can about me without severely breaking some laws (although probably at least bending some... knowing google...) but at least I just pay $70 a month and they give me good internet and that's all

@pea @TheGibson I pay significantly more than that and was getting 5Mbps upload a few weeks ago.

@thegibson @maxeddy you can control your ports on Google Fiber. You can't get static IPs unless you have a business account (which you can't have unless your address is zoned for business, which is silly), but in practice the IP address you're assigned rarely changes apparently.
@thegibson @maxeddy The "not being able to get static IP addresses" almost actually made me go for AT&T fiber which apparently does let you do that, but I think overall I'm glad I didn't, because I have more control over my router and don't have to deal with AT&T
@maxeddy @thegibson Google Fiber apparently stopped requiring their Network Box, which was famously hated and bypassed by everyone with some hacks, about a week before I got service, so I have full control over my router by default which is very nice.

@pea @maxeddy I have an understanding with Spectrum right now as far as static IP goes... I am running on dynamic, but it hasn't changed in 2 years... I also have mitigations in place for when some new dummy screws with it.

@maxeddy @thegibson unfortunately, Google Fiber has stopped rolling out to my knowledge. They're keeping operating where they currently already have everything rolled out, but who knows what they'll do with the infrastructure in the future
@thegibson @maxeddy "it was so worth it to sell my soul to the devil," I say, dancing on his palm while he feeds me mortal delights


probably... think I'll be sticking with the devil I know.

@thegibson Wise call

I don't know anyone that's stayed on ATT beyond their initial 'discount period' around here
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