The CIA literally owned Crypto AG from 1970 on, pushing out weakened crypto systems and allowing them to read messages sent around the world.

An agreement existed between Crypto AG and the precursor to the NSA from the 1940s on. The details are fuzzy but it looks as if Crypto AG wouldn't sell machines that the NSA couldn't break to non-NATO states.

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Only slightly jealous because I was working on a story on the NSA connection, but this is so far beyond what I was looking at. Absolutely incredible reporting.

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Which non-#NATO states, knowing full well that #Germany was under occupation until 1991, would / should have been suspicious and either used the products in deliberate disinformation or with appropriate safeguards? It'd be interesting to know the other side of the story, as always.

I'd be more worried about other #NATO states thinking they were getting the real deal.

Deutschsprachige Version hier:

CIA und der Westdeutsche Geheimdienst BND waren von ca. 1970 bis 1993 gemeinsame Eigentümer der schweizer Crypto AG und haben anderen Staaten manipulierte Verschlüsselungshardware untergeschoben.

@maxeddy I wonder how many of the VPN and SSL cert companies they own.

@penguin42 In my limited experience as a reviewer of VPNs, a CIA front would probably be better run.

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