I meant to post this months ago but I guess it didn't go through? Big thanks to @jimjamfroo for making all my weird FirefoxOS dreams come true!

It's so sluggish and could never dream of matching Google or Apple for apps, but lordy what an idea.

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@maxeddy I'm glad I could help!

Maybe one day they (or someone) will find a way to make a mainstream alternative smartphone OS with the same ethos.

Hope you have fun with it 😀

@maxeddy I remember when one could emulate the whole os using the Firefox dev tools... Amazing times


@maxeddy & @jimjamfroo, have you checked out #KaiOS (forked from #B2G forked from #FirefoxOS)? I have a feature phone (so #retro) with #KaiOS 2.5 and it's fun although no touch screen.

By the way, I've never played with #FirefoxOS.

@frn2000 @jimjamfroo oh I had not heard of this! Thanks for tipping me off it looks really interesting!

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