You know the microtargeted ad campaigns run by Russia to influence the election? This company lets you do the same thing to your spouse.
It _appears_ to be real, and is the most evil thing someone has pitched to me in a very long time.

From the info they sent me: "The 'targeted' individual gets repetitively exposed to hundreds of articles presented as editorial content delivering the chosen message. Most popular campaigns right now: Propose marriage to your girlfriend! ; Quit smoking! ; Initiate sex with your husband! ; or Get back with your ex!"

@remotenemesis I keep going back to make sure it's real. It's so transparently evil.

@maxeddy What is most scary is that they show a screenshot from The Sun calling them a "creepy website" and they seem to be okay with it... well, I guess somehow they are honest about it...

It lets you do that to anybody, but somehow decided that gaslighting your spouse into sex was the least offensive example to use in advertisements.

@enkiv2 Yeah. The company totally is operating under the "all press is good press" model. Most people will be repulsed, but if 1 percent of people who read about it sign up, that's a win for them.

@maxeddy I feel like the correct thing to do is to pitch a story idea around this, and get consent from your boss/client/whatever to target them with something. :-D

@maxeddy I know what every guy would use this for:

"Scientists have proven threesomes are healthy"

@maxeddy yeah, there's been some reporting on this, i know I've seen it before within the last few months. They tested it and found that it doesn't seem to actually do what it claims to (show the ads) very much, so it is probably mostly a scam to take money from people to do an evil thing and then not bother to actually do that thing because that's too much work and you already have the money, and who's going to sue you for not hypnotizing their spouse into fucking them?

@maxeddy This is based on my fuzzy memories of reading about it though, so take it with a grain of salt

@edheil that's honestly a bit of a relief. I'll see if I can find those stories!

@maxeddy @edheil the fact that there's even a market for that product is quite distressing

@jimjamfroo @maxeddy more appalling: that's literally already the business model of Google, Facebook, etc, this just does the same thing they do on a smaller scale so the evil is more obvious

the microtargeted ad campaign was made possible by companies origniating in the US. Those companies do this on a day to day praxis.

@paulfree14 Yup! The data economy has been a big area of my coverage for a while now.

@maxeddy just for clarification: It wasn't intendet to question your knowledge on that, I just find it important to highlight that this russia gate thing is something those US companies basicly do on a daily basis, and by that I find it more relevant to point on that.

@paulfree14 Totally, I see your point. I highlighted the Russia part mostly because it's a new and interesting application of the same concept. But you're right! It's been around for years, and only expanded in that time.

russian gate, narratives, discourse 

Well. At least they say this openly. Whether all different governments do that for years without disclosing the techniques.
BTW, Russians love the joke: "the rumor that we influence American elections is a total bullshit: we cannot influence even our elections" 🙂

Where is the company based? From a UK perspective it has #CMA1990 (computer misuse act) written all over it.

From a continental perspective it *could* spell fraud but it's more of a grey line.

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