I mostly write about security and such, but every now and again I get to churn out a massive story about how to quit Twitter and start a new life here on Masto. I tried to cover as many bases as possible, but lmk if I missed anything really important!

@louisoft01 It's mentioned toward the bottom as one of the other federated services to try. Along with Pixelfed and Plume.

@maxeddy Very nice!

One problem I noticed, though: Step 4 isn't possible anymore, at least not through the same tool. The Mastodon Bridge is no longer functional since they no longer have access to a Twitter API key (and Twitter rejected the request for a new one):

@maxeddy I think your description of the federated timeline is faulty. AFAIK it doesn't show all public posts from connected servers, but it shows all public posts and boosts from users that any1 on your instance follows. So if I have an account that nobody on ms.soc follows and boosts, but users from ms.soc follow others on my instance, my public toots will not show up on ms.soc public timeline.

@maxeddy pcmag doesn't allow me to access to content if I refuse its tracking.
So I won't read.

of all this, I think it's weird that you wrote [username]@[mastodoninstance.domain] while the screenshot shows @[username]@[mastodoninstance.domain]

@maxeddy I think the one thing that might be "wrong" is that people should register on the "flagship" instance which has lots of users. People should be told that it doesn't matter which instance you sign up to. Also as of this post has closed down registrations.

Very much agreed. Later in the article I recommend that people branch out to other instances.
I have heard from some people that understanding instances is a hurdle that keeps them from signing up at all. I figured that an entry-level experience might overcome that.

@maxeddy Fair enough, I saw, that you wrote that at the end of the article. 🤔 maybe there needs to be a way of explaining instances that is accessible to many non-technical people.

Agreed! Although I think it's not the concept that confuses them, so much as analysis paralysis when they're trying to choose an instance.

@maxeddy It leaves out the pain of leaving friends behind who are unwilling to follow with you. I left behind people I knew for decades, just because Twitter just became too much. But I'm assuming the article is written for those who have already made up their mind.

You touch briefly on the Bridge, don't know if you want to mention it's only for people who opt in; I chose not to have anything Twitter related formally associated with my masto account.

@maxeddy The main image in the article with the Mastodon and the bird outside is super adorable. My compliments to the artist! 😊

I think it's a composite of several sources! The mastodon character was the old mascot.

Thanks to @thatbrickster for linking!
@kaniini @lain My ♥ for jornos!
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