Adi Shamir, the S in RSA, could not obtain a tourist visa to enter the US in order to attend the conference he helped found. He appeared by video, saying, "perhaps it’s time we rethink how and where we organize our major scientific conferences."

From birdsite

@maxeddy It’s also time to rethink what we call a “major scientific conference”. hasn’t been that in a decade or more. It’s laughable to call it that.

@paco are you suggesting immigration denials are handed out based on how much money a conference brings in? take it you've never been turned away at an airport before

@balibebas no. I’m saying that the RSA conference is a marketing fluff waste of time. It’s not the least bit scientific. I don’t think there’s any connection between that and immigration decisions. My objection was to the idea that this was an example of a “science” conference. The immigration issues are self evident and I’m not really talking about them. This is the flagship conference in my industry and we all groan and roll our eyes at it.

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