This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.


They make converters that have an SD slot and play MP3s.

I believe those are a greater triumph.

@rubah @apLundell @maxeddy ye. Also I had a tape only player in my 89 van to prevent radio receiver costs (fck GEZ).

Worked like a charm and was even an improvement over tape recordings.

Used it that often that the first eventually broke (and there is not much that can break in there).

@apLundell @maxeddy I'd call that an iteration of the tech. Thus the triumph was already in hand.

@deusfigendi @maxeddy The SD-Card-to-tape-deck converters do need batteries to power the processor, yeah.

The much more common audio-jack-to-tape-deck adapters don't need batteries. The current on the audio line is enough to create the tiny magnetic fields the tape-head reads.

@apLundell @maxeddy

That was what I expected, thank you.

Today I like those small FM-Transmitters more. But my current car audio also has an audio jack inside the glovebox.

@maxeddy once i connected this from my discman to my walkman so i could listen to my cds in the most convoluted way possible

@maxeddy I'm old enough to remember the adapter you put a cassette into then slotted into your 8-track. But I agree.

@josh_robusto @maxeddy it has a little electromagnet inside that energizes the tape head using the audio input

@shepardstone @drewcassidy @josh_robusto @maxeddy There's a type of wire that's covered in isolating lacquer. You wind it up into a coil very tightly, the lacquer makes it so each turn is isolated from each other. You put electric current through the wire, it has to go through the whole length of the wire, but it's creating a magnetic field along the way. The electric current is varied according to the volume of the music, and the changes in the magnetic field are carried over.

They were marketed as a way to connect your discman to a car stereo, which is what I used it for until I got an iPod.

@maxeddy I still have to use this bad boy in my 05' CRV. My favorite part is having to listen to everything super loud to overcome the "tape" noise it makes 😂

@maxeddy I once drove from New York to Texas in a car with no A/C, a discman, a copy of of Bjork's "Post" and one of these. It sounded awful. This was not a good technology

In the year 2018, this is the new hotness!!

You can feed any high quality, lossless audio streams into a deprecated, unshielded, high impedance analog cassette adapter and fuck it all up in style! Kids totes want this(af) for black friday I bet! I mean christmas or whatever.

@maxeddy @Cherylb I had one of these and one of the radio type ones. the radio type 1 generally wouldn't work too badly in Canada, but in the US where there is a lot more stations on the radio it was hard to find an empty frequency for long

@Canageek @Cherylb I drove from Detroit to Denver years ago and had to change frequency on the FM adapter about once every hour. It was infuriating.

@maxeddy I dunno, there were cassette decks that plugged into an 8track player, and actually drew their power from it. (I know this 'cause techmoan stuck an MP3 player in a cassette shell into one: )

@keiyakins @maxeddy
I did this in my 79 Mercury Cougar in 2002 - played my 32mb Rio mp3 player through a CD/cassette adapter plugged into an 8-track adapter, plugged into the car's 8-track player.

@keiyakins @maxeddy Jesus christ, the power supply is parasitic on a continuity sensor? D-:


In the mid-late oughties, I'd rip 8-ish hours of Radio Paradise to 64kps MP3s and put them on a cheapass flashdrive player. This thing had three buttons (play/stop & volume) and one LED. I'd leave it in the car connected to my cassette player via one of these and listen to a wide(-ish) variety of commercial-free music while I drove.

And because the player didn't have a display, I kept a printed one-sheet track list I'd generated with a Perl script from the metadata.


Also, one time I was driving late on a foggy night with nobody around. This utterly surreal, ethereal song came on that I'd never heard before. Later on when I stopped, I looked at the track listing sheet and saw the title and artist were both blank.

(It turned out that non-ASCII characters had confused my script enough to discard it the entire text. The artist, unsurprisingly, was Björk.)

@maxeddy Combined with a CD player and a car power adapter, you too can have a nest of wires from the 90s, tangled around your shifter and that causes your music to go out whenever you go into third gear.

@djsumdog A very real problem for me, too! The throw was so long on my S10's shifter and that didn't help a bit.

@maxeddy They're actually black magic like what even

@maxeddy @hellojed
I have a *Bluetooth* version. The battery life is atrocious. It takes this triumph to the next-level.

@maxeddy once to prove a point I used one of these and an even older 8-track adapter to play a diskman on a 8-track player.

@maxeddy I had one of those so I could listen to my CD "Walkman" in the car :)

@maxeddy I had one of those to use my MP3 player in an old car 😄

@maxeddy i had this in my car. I used to plug my iPod Shuffle to it.

@maxeddy bonus points if the 3.5mm plug then goes into a lightning adapter and connects to a new iPhone

This made my old car (1988 Grand Marquis) way more enjoyable than it normally would've been.

My current ride has a CD deck & no external input tho ☹

@bpsycho1 Made my first car (1999 S10) way better, too. I only had maybe four cassette tapes, all of which were just bootlegs of LPs.

@maxeddy code accumulates so many things like this

i would swear my job is literally making janky adapters like this every day

Still using it, old player, good speakers. In my almost steampunk desktop

@maxeddy my first car was a 1999 and this thing saved my LIFE during my long commutes

@netscaler It just ouputs the signal from the cable onto a piece of metal that presses against the reader in the tape player! It's really clever.

@maxeddy @netscaler it's a record head, just like the record head in a cassette player.

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