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My two (enormous) stories about how companies turn you and your data into cash, and how to stop them, are both out today! You can read them for free!

Happy that I was able to work in shout-outs to and @pixelfed

Here's what it generated for "bookshop"
I love this so much

I would actually like if people used hashtags a bit more often here. Since it's the only way to find things!

My colleague and I are trying to learn regular expressions and wildcard search in word in order to remove all the effing g-tags left by Grammarly.

Me: “I’m not gonna get drunk and go on a tyrade about politics”

Me, 10 mins later:


Ok, who wants to be an admin on ?

This is now the time.

Simple rule: you have to be backed by someone that one of the current admin team member trusts ( @House_of_Pears @skiring @eloisa or me ).

We will promote to admin whoever steps up and fit that description !

"Roommate has come home and stated they found the person on Facebook and installed the device 'a few days ago.' They were told they'd receive $15 a month through direct deposit and all the device will do is run ads for other people when they visit roommates Facebook page."


Federation Update: We have pushed most of the code, and will be making an announcement in the next few days. #pixelfed

"Initial releases [of the Amiga UI engine] used blue, orange, white and black palettes. This was intentional […] Commodore tested output on the worst televisions they could find, with the goal of obtaining the best possible contrast under these worst-case conditions."

What if modern software would consider the "worst-case conditions," such as low-end/affordable hardware? Maybe that popular framework (no need to name) that you want to use actually makes it unusable for people on such hardware?

Some truly weird stats on Twitter usage. Fewer users, but more activity from those users and more money, too.

We're looking for a Data Architect to take our Metrics work to the next level. This position can be performed remotely/internationally or from our Seattle office.

Learn more about Tor Metrics:

They can’t blame Snowden or Wikileaks for this one: bad cyber opsec led to CIA sources in many countries being rounded up.

Iranian counterintelligence cracked the CIA’s system by … googling!

Also, it looks as if nobody in The Company has been held accountable for this failure.

could you guys recommend me people to follow? i'm still making mastodon feel like home

i like #infosec #minimalism #homestuck #solarpunk #anarchism #queer #gaming #japanese #sociolinguistics

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