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I never did an !

Hi, I'm Max. I live in and do at PCMag where I cover , , and . I also write reviews of and professionally complain about . I'm the Unit Chair of the ZDCG and moonlight as a organizer. If you want to learn about how to unionize your workplace, plz DM me. I play badly and think about literature. I'm spending too much money on .

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This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

ill post a hot take for every boost this toot gets

uspol, labor rights 

... more on this story:

<< Labor lawyers said a U.S. Supreme Court decision against the Teamsters could open unions up to lawsuits by employers seeking to recoup costs associated with strikes. That, in turn, would make workers more hesitant to go on strike to improve pay and working conditions, thereby weakening unions’ most powerful weapon: the ability to withhold labor. >>

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I made zero progress on a very large project yesterday because my bathroom flooded in the middle of the afternoon.

The University of California at Santa Barbara is plowing ahead with plans to build a massive new dormitory where only 6% of the rooms have windows facing outside, because 98-year-old billionaire Charlie Munger agreed to pay for the building if the university would let him design it

I never thought I'd be able to build a mobile app.

I never thought I'd be able to build an ethical alternative to Instagram.

I never thought joining mastodon would push me beyond my wildest expectations.

Thank you #fediverse ❤️

I documented and published my annotation site code for anyone who wants to reuse it:


Got the New Juice along with the flu vaccine yesterday. Love that post-vax glow.

Please talk to your (extended) family about refund/cancellation scams.

They start with an email saying something like "Your Geek Squad/Norton/McAfee subscription is renewing", with instructions to call a phone number to "cancel" or "refund" the amount.

After calling, they will be told to install tool that gives the scammer complete control of the computer. Then they will be asked to buy gift cards to give to the scammer.

I'm currently running a recovery operation because a family friend fell for this scam, and then took their laptop to Microcenter for "virus removal", which meant a reinstall of Windows over their personal data.

It's always so much easier if they don't fall for it in the first place. Be sure those in your life know: They can call/text you with questions if they're ever unsure.

There's a "free" car parked in Brooklyn that anyone can take and, apparently, there's 1,000 keys for it floating around it. A Gothamist reporter has been sitting in it since lunchtime.
Incredible journalism.

I'm glad that Star Wars is getting into using boolean logic for their show titles.

Finally found my dog's chip with the ! In the process I realized that the flashing LED goes from blue to yellow to green as you get closer so you can play hot-or-cold with it.

re: COVID adjacent 

My union contract gives me 25 vacation days and it would be anti-labor of me not to use all of them.

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COVID adjacent 

I'm getting the New Juice booster next week and then, at some point, I am taking a lot of time off.

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