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This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

I'm posting this again because it's absolutely true: we should ban cars in Manhattan (at least!) and restrict their use in in general. Too much of this city is given over to street parking and parking decks.

Sure, just keep pitching me that "crypto-powered VPN."

Is there a federated reddit alternative yet

Nothing like being told there's no end in sight to the grind.

The new Mac vulnerability with the REAL hot take.

I like big butts and I cannot lie. My sister likes big butts and cannot tell the truth. You may ask us one question to solve our riddle...

H/T to hacksforpancakes:

If you are ever experiencing imposter syndrome, just remember that Rudy Giuliani exists.

Potter wasp nests! I’ve seen a couple of the wasps but not their nests, at least until yesterday. It’s like a perfect little Legend of Zelda pot. (FYI potter wasps are solitary, non-aggressive, and useful as garden pest control, since they fill their little pots with caterpillars for their babies to eat. They can sting, but don’t usually want to.)

Hi Fediverse 👋

once again, as the weekend is approaching, let's have a little fun with some software icons...

... and some bubbles! 🔵

- #Kiwix / @kiwix / Offline knowledge browser
- #Framasoft / @Framasoft / A French non-profit promoting digital freedom
- #Searx / Privacy-respecting metasearch engine
- #Syncthing / File synchronisation program

Have a good time on your way through the Internet and embrace the upcoming weekend 🙂

#ff #art #mastoart #floss 🎨

I just shut off my laptop and I'm not opening it again until Tuesday.

Well, at least not that laptop.

Is there a company that makes good Linux laptops that has a company culture that's pro-diversity and anti-harassment as opposed to "we're a bunch of straight white men who think free speech trumps everything"?

Asking for a friend

The friend is me the next time I upgrade my comp

A facility near the one targeted by Stuxnet has exploded.

Mysterious Explosion and Fire Damage Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Facility

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