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This is the single greatest triumph of technology over itself, boost if you agree.

Everything is fake now and we seem weirdly okay with it

One thing I heard over and over during my work on this was that researchers weren't interested in looking at Telegram. And that's a problem because without those authoritative voices calling for improvements, it's hard for someone like me to do so.

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I wrote a review of Telegram. For as much as I love to dunk on it (and I DO), it's frustrating because it looks great and has some features that are really fun. And it follows that with weird bluster and aggression in the face of sincere criticism.

My solar powered keyboard keeps crapping out so it's under the growlight again. In the meantime I have to use my super clacky gamer keyboard, and it's extremely likely my spouse will murder me.

Came back to #nomanssky with all the #twitch drops, but I am running #archlinux now as compared to #Windows when I last played. I was incredibly surprised at how well it ran in #proton! Way better than any time I played using Windows! I knew they had optimized the game, but it is crazy how much smoother it plays!

#gaming #linux #steam

This is berzerk. Ball bearings in a petri dish lined with metal form roots when exposed to a high voltage wire.

Manage media with Drive, a new way to browse, edit and organize your photos and videos.

Available soon! #pixelfed #drive


That's redundant. All #QR codes are secure, as nobody has ever scanned one in anger.

I think is ready to take a few users! :bookwyrm: is a Bookwyrm instance inspired by the planet Anarress from Ursula LeGuin's The Dispossessed.

If you read the description and CoC and think it fits you, feel free to ask for an invite link! I'll do my best to enforce the CoC. Also, I hereby announce that I will make generous use of the deferation feature once it's working in production to keep assholes off and keep the community nice. :trebuchet:

#Bookwyrm is a federated reading platform (think Goodreads). It's in an very early state, so expect things to break - but imho it already works nicely and is enjoyable thanks to @tripofmice :fediverse: 📚

The amazing artwork for is a commission from @sajan, thank you so much! 🎨

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