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This is coming from a place of making a living wage but

‘Capital stealing the value of my labor’ doesn’t feel nearly as important as capital stealing my LIFE.

40 hours of my week + recovery time. My education choices. Where I can live. Whether I own a pet. Capitalism limits all the wonderful things I could do in life.

I know money can acquire some of these things. I just think the phrase ‘capitalism steals the value of your labor’ isn’t communicating well how much capitalism steals from us.

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Very stupid programming project technically involving open source 

Just spent half an hour tracking down a source of 34,239 English nouns.

What for you ask? Why of course to test out my #Python script that searches google for "open source [noun]" and gets the number of results.

What will I do with the data? What do I use my time so badly? Find out on the next episode of "Using Your Programming Skills for Neither Good nor Evil"!


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Keine Ahnung wie groß Wahrscheinlichkeit hier ist jemanden zu finden, aber hey...

Wer jemanden kennt oder selbst eine der Karten besitzt, bitte um Meldung.
Ich bin auf der Suche nach Informationen.

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Yay! I put the full Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace on a sticker, and it looks great! Will distribute those at #35c3

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We set up a dedicated #fdroid repository for the #35C3 here:

You can get the Fahrplan/schedule app and c3nav from there.

This will be kept up-to-date during the congress!

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I wonder if an AI equipped with an evolving language would eventually just default to cynicism and rudeness for people to understand it

Anyone in need for a Hotel for ?
I've got a single room reservation at the B&B Leipzig City (near Central Station) for 56€/Night (26.12-30.12) for anyone interested. Just ping me <3

Falls jemand für den noch ein Hotel suchen sollte: Ich hätte da was.
Ich habe noch ein Einzelzimmer im B&B Leipzig Innenstadt für 56€/Nacht (26.-30.12.) abzugeben. Gebt Laut <3

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It's not often the case that my tools see a release, but this time it's different. I guess the Machine Learning Testbench got somewhat born today. More to come soon :)

Well, well. Looks like I will be attending TROOPERS conf next year. My talk was just accepted \o/

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I was raised to believe the world is a good place, and the people in it are mostly good with a few exceptions.

Most of my adult life has been showing me the world is an awful place run by horrible people.

In truth, in honest and seeking retrospect, I find the world is neither. It is simply intrinsically as indifferent as balls on a billiards table.

Which pocket we land in rests on physics, the skill of the players controlling us and the table we land on.

It's not often the case that my tools see a release, but this time it's different. I guess the Machine Learning Testbench got somewhat born today. More to come soon :)

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Since I couldn't find some active FOSS community on matrix, I created a channel on my homeserver, feel free to join ;)

Liebste Follower da draußen.
Es ist mal wieder so weit, ich hätte eine Arbeit zum Thema Anomalieerkennung via maschinellem Lernen in IT-Netzen zum Korrekturlesen abzugeben.
Mag Jemand da draußen ~75 Seiten Lesen und mir Feedback dazu geben?
Das wäre ganz wundervoll <3

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Pretty much the only reason 4GB RAM is the minimum for a usable system is because browsers/the web are so bloated.

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What thinks the sector of the about the non-fatal launch failure less than two months after a non-lethal drill-hole opened up and/or was created on ?

FWIW: The Soyus emergency eject was as ideal as they get - subjecting the crew to fewer Gs than they get in training; but also as unusual - the last time it happened was over 40 years ago.

Were these proof of concept efforts, meant to send a message? Or just purely accidental circumstances?

"Oh. I could build a small little tool out of my benchmarking solution"
2 months later, I've reached 3k code lines. Well.

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I saw these nice HHKB case assemblies being sold on AliExpress (search for "HHKB CNC case")

They include a top plate, translucent middle border, back plate and feet. They're designed for Kailh's "box" keyswitches

I wonder how much space there is between the end of the keyswitch and the back plate. If there's space for an ESP32 and similar microcontrollers and a flat LiPo battery (maybe BL-5C?), that's a nice self-contained computer right there


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