I'm starting over. I am switching away from Google, Apple, and Microsoft. I am slowly going to switch to free software. I have chosen Mastodon as the new social network I will use.

@mathfreedom @jerry is there a particular event that took you away from the 3 bigs you mentioned ? What other steps have you taken to get you away from them?
welcome on board 😀

@n0vember @jerry This article in the New York Times made me miss old times:
This account is an experiment to see if the mentor's vision is still possible. I realized I could not start over with a new handle while using Google, Apple, or Microsoft. For now I am still using my apple devices, but I switched to firefox and have not logged into this account on my phone.

@mathfreedom Good luck; you’re in the right “place” :)


I'm in a similar place. Getting rid of FB and Twitter was easy. My next desktop will be running What about mobile though? After years on iPhone I got fed up with exorbitant pricing and poor quality software so I'm now on Android using as little Google as I can. It feels like a big gap in the plan.

@mathfreedom Welcome mathfreedom! Be sure to check up this great site by @switchingsocial for a comprehensive list of ethical replacements for existing services and the list keeps growing:)

@mathfreedom Welcome! I'm slowly switching my stuff as well but for me Google is the hardest to switch from. Love the power of federation though!


Here is a good way to find ppl to follow:

You may find interesting things to play with here too:

@mathfreedom I would love to hear updates on your experience switching to free software, I have been going the same path for a while now and I would love to hear someone elses experience.

@mathfreedom Thanks for the follow and good luck on your journey switching over to using free software :)

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