Out of curiosity: Outside of Mastodon, anyone have a favorite decentralized social network? (I hear Diaspora a lot, curious if there are others)

@maria PT is the only other one I use myself right now. Some other worthy ones, which I do not personally use but do look promising are (federated Instagram alternative),, (federated Medium/blogging),, (also federated blogging) &, (federated music sharing/streaming).

I am also writing an #ActivityPub server myself, fediQuest, which fills the role of a federated Quora/SO alternative, but no site yet.

@maria Friendly informative message: Mastodon is not a decentralized social network ;) It is a software that grants you access to a decentralized social network. That network includes many other software, among which Peertube, Pleroma, Funkwhale, Pixfed, Plume and so many more ;)

@x_cli @maria and I think the diaspora is now in the fediverse too is it not? It is really a matter of grabbing the client you like best and then seeing how far the fediverse will let you go 😁

@x_cli a good distinction to make. thank you for the correction!

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