On our latest podcast we're joined by the hysterical (in a good way) @maria to discuss:

✅ Kaspersky's ugly fingerprint replacement
✅ How NordVPN might be avoiding Disney+'s blocks
✅ Why a hacker posed as a music producer
✅ Behavioural biometrics
✅ Much much more!


Oops, forgot to mention infosec.exchange on this week's podcast... sorry folks. I'm here! It's just very quiet around here so it slipped my mind.

A brand new "Smashing Security" podcast is out!

We chat to @maria about whether the PIN you use for your bank card is secure, how one woman was duped to the tune of $200,000, and how Cloudflare (and others) are dumping 8chan... and much much more!

Listen to the show and subscribe to never miss another episode: link.chtbl.com/smashingsecurit

If I was going to be on a Smashingly good podcast this week, what story should I cover? :) Suggestions welcome.

Today the Darknet Diaries episode I worked on for Jack went live on his Patreon just now. pinch me pinch meeee I got to work on Darknet Diarieeeeeees

In the latest "Smashing Security" podcast we discuss porn trolling lawyers, LED data leaks, Instagram hacking, tiny Tom Cruise, and much much more with special guest @maria !

It's not all filth.


... that moment when you're opening that Word doc attachment and instinctively nervous about it...

There's a bigger interest overlap between infosec & privacy folks and the artist community than I think a lot of people realize

On the off chance you are an artist making the move from Twitter and need help, I'm happy to help you figure this whole Mastodon thing out - please feel free to contact me.

In any case, Tumblr's TOS change purged basically the entire userbase. I'm curious if this is going to impact Twitter similarly, at least for certain communities (e.g. artists)

Twitter's latest TOS update seems poised to do a Tumblr-esque purge of artists and many of them are making the move to Mastodon instances. The main barrier seems to be understanding how Mastodon (& instances) work... that and building a new fanbase on a new platform is a slog and a half!

Treat yourself to the latest "Smashing Security" podcast with me, Carole Theriault and special guest the Mastodon-loving @maria!

It's not your typical cybersecurity podcast.

Web: smashingsecurity.com/129

Apple Podcasts: apple.co/2J1YMCu

Spotify: open.spotify.com/show/3J7pBxEu

@maria yes I did, and I had been aware of Mastodon from IRL podcast, now I am a new Tooter, this being my very first toot!

Wow! Hi, new followers. I'm guessing you heard me on Smashing Security? :)

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