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I might as well post this here. I wrote a medium post about creating online identities and how I manage mine.

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@malachiteOS all good tips. There are tools that make a little easier. The Qubes OS, for instance, allows you to partition data and configurations for each identi - each in its own vm.

The big advantage of Qubes is that it makes maintainance of this partitioning easier and thus easier to keep up. If all VMs are based on the same template, you have only to update that template and the VMs are updated at the next start.

@malachiteOS Interesting read, thank you. I think people use these methods intuitively. Good for exploring and hiding (with some effort?). But not easy for professional online life (unless one's profession is fully anonymous business). Many security specialists use their real names, because they build reputation and can't constantly burn identities. Then it boils down to having 1 transparent identity and multiple short-term. That's when cognitive dissonance begins. P/S Malachites are beautiful!

@lightone This guide is not intended to be for business. This is for exploring one's identity and learning and growing safely and anonymously. Some of the techniques can be transferred to normal use.

In my case I wanted to interact with the security industry and try a different face. It was an example.

@malachiteOS Sure, it was just an aside comment. I guess the most challenging part is consistently keeping several identities and not giving yourself away. Would be interesting to read about tools that help (like Qubes, may be?), as well as psychological research of the topic. I've recently watched BBC film "Silk Road" (2017), and it's amazing how a single mistake can build up to the main evidence in a case.

@malachiteOS Good info! Especially for those trying to avoid profiling + surveiling