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>tfw you hide swearwords in a client document and your boss praises you for doing it.

Oh, and also, now boss wants to have me booked for all sorts of mad shit. Cons, local meetings, stuff like that.

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This teaching thing may not be so bad after all.

My yesterday:

- Stressed for the entire morning
- Busted out a multi-hour client presentation on "Make your shit better"
- Went to dinner with colleagues (some visiting from abroad)
- Got commended by my boss for doing shit well and handing me over 2000CZK in Alza vouchers
- Got drunk with the same guy and became great buddies
- Went on to send pics of us to HIS boss, who just replied with thumbs up

This yesterday was GOOD!

now for the podcast

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@m4iler Here, you can borrow my "public speaking hyperventilating paper sack" if you need it.

My boss wants to book me for a conference... as a speaker.

Holy fuck :-D

After first shot. When will I be able to pick up radio signals?

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I'm probably going to translate a short story by Simek and Grossmann, to show the impact of communism and what it does to the most fanatical. The term "Useful idiot" is basically the TL;DR of that story.

@alrs Yo, I am currently in the clown meeting. Can you see me/read my messages?

A short little story about how I changed a bank's IT policy a little bit


So, multiple colleagues are contemplating a change of management.

A coup? No. Just running to the "favourite sibling." Basically another part of the company. New management, same name.

I'm inclined to do likewise.

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Got called a $COMPANY Super hero yesterday. Apparently, clients were satisfied with my reports and I'm a "hungry and driven cyber dude" (yes, this is a quote).

This feels good. I feel good. Doubts are there, but I can talk about those with the guy who awarded me ;-)

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Netanyahu si je moc dobře vědom, že čím víc bude na Palestince tlačit, tím víc se budou bránit a tím větší sílu proti nim může následně použít a víc omezovat jejich práva. Už před lety řekl, že jediné východisko je velký silný #Izrael a žádná #Palestina.

Kdybych měl jejich vztah k něčemu přirovnat, bylo by to jednoznačně domácí násilí, kde se jeden snaží hledat důvody (a často jim jde naproti), aby si mohl vylévat frustraci na tom druhým a pomalu ho utýrávat k absolutní poslušnosti a podřízenosti. Palestinci jsou hrdí a nějakým způsobem se ještě drží, ale bez vnějšího zásahu budou buďto vyhlazeni, postaveni ve své vlastní zemi na úroveň podřadných občanů bez jakéhokoli zastoupení (i z globálního pohledu přestanou existovat) nebo nejpravděpodobněji kombinace obojího.

#jeruzalem #gaza

The Earth is dying. After millenia of turmoil and warfare, it has happened. The Sun, our home star, started dying.

The last message to echo forever in the cosmos, as our planet cools down for a final time and as nuclear warheads start flying to ease the pain of mankind.

The message:

"Server going down for maintenance, AFK, bai" on IRC.

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