Just read toot!'s announcement about blocking gab and I fully support it.

What I don't like is the massed amount soap box suzies whining and complaining that what he's doing is "censorship".
Or "If you block this, how long till you block [utterly unrelated thing]?

Fuck you and fuck nazi's. Block their method of communication, give them no safe space, no where to relax, no allies.

Let them live in perpetual fear that they will be found.

Fuck nazi apologists.


@BrokenBiscuit There was a prison system called panopticon.

The point was that every prisoner can be observed and that they don't know whether they're watched.

If you force someone to not communicate in the open, they quickly move to a hidden comms method, that way preventing you from knowing what they are up to. Do like Sun Tzu, observe your enemy.

Also, forbidden knowledge lures quicker than an epileptic whore. Holocaust deniers are that way. Nazis, too.

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