I just read @kev 's article on why he is ditching Android, kevq.uk/why-im-ditching-androi . He replaced his Huawei P10 (yes, I read many comment) with iPhone SE which makes perfect sense. I wish I had budget for replacing my phone. I will stick to Lineage OS on my MI Note 4 for now.
Funny thing about the article is the comment section. I guess people closed their eyes while reading the article.

@murtezayesil he said Lineage wasn't good because "it was still android underneath" and that a lot of apps complain about not having Google Play installed. Well the solution to that is not to buy an iPhone, where you have no control whatsoever, and where you are forced to endure the injustice of Apple's proprietary and very locked down software, but rather to stop using proprietary apps that need Play Services... F-Droid has so many great apps, no need to run anything proprietary

@Matter the solution is whatever is decide it is, since I’m the user. I have absolutely no inclination to mess around trying to bypass Google’s controls.

People say “iPhone is so locked down” where does that come from and have those people actually used iOS? There isn’t a single app I’ve been unable to use and I don’t use any Apple services, so the “walled garden” is complete rubbish.

I seriously can’t see myself ever going back to Android.


@kev @murtezayesil of course if you like what you're using, that's fine, I'm certainly not going to say it's a bad thing if it made you get rid of Google.

>so the“walled garden”is complete rubbish

I'm not sure what to respond to that. iOS is proprietary software (!) and does not allow you to sideload applications that have not been blessed by the corporate mothership (!!!).How is that not a walled garden? How does that give you ownership of your computer and computing? The whole point of FOSS?

@Matter why is side loading applications required if the system they have in place offers all the apps you need? Why make things more difficult?

I’m glad you enjoy being a sys aim to your phone, but that’s not for me. I want to pick it up, make calls, send messages, check my emails and put it down. I don’t need to side load anything to accomplish that, so I won’t bother.



@kev @Matter @murtezayesil

This conversation should be mandatory reading for all 12-15year olds.

Kids at school keep hatin iPhones or Android, depending on what they have. What we need to realize is that everyone has different needs.

I enjoy tinkering with my phone. So I got an android and Lin'd it. I got many iPhone friends who love the simplicity.

Use what you feel comfy with, sure, be open to suggestions, but IT'S YOUR DAMN PHONE.

@m4iler @kev @Matter @murtezayesil Facts.

Choice of mobile phone says *nothing*. Everyone has their own reasons.

Why are people like this?

@njha @m4iler @kev @Matter
My grandmother was using Nokia 3310 before she passed away.
Not because she was stupid but because she was smart.

@njha @kev @Matter @murtezayesil People believe stuff they own tells something about them. It does, that much is a proven psychological fact, but shaking this habit is one of the most liberating things you can do.

I am trying. Still have some knee-jerk reactions, but unless someone calls out my thinkpad X200 for being an old piece of shit, I don't give a fuck about what you use.

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