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Let's set some floor plans for the rest of the year.

1) August is Splunk User cert time. This Friday.
2) September = Power User
3) October/November = Security+
4) November onwards = OSCP
5) Q1/2020 = Pivoting to Red team.

@m4iler @jg @vala Become a fitness youtuber we believe in you

Start every video with "hey bros welcome to MillerWorkouts don't forget to PUMP that like and subscribe button"

Let's pretend that FFS means For Free Speech.

I want to see who stops using it because of muh nazis.

@wizard and @vala like all my posts about workouts.

Thanks, guys. It is a huge morale boost.

Got my workout in.

Gotta deload soon. The squats/overheadpress are starting to kill. I either deload a bit or I start the way someone recommended.

4xOld 1xNew
and move on to new weights slowly.

But I did my back workout beforehand, so it may have had something to do with that ;-)

Feeling good, gonna get DOMS tomorrow... I just know it.

The idea of sleeping eight hours is a scam made by the lizardpeople, to trick people to be less productive.
@p "It's okay if we do it, we're the good ones"

Today, in addition to my regular 5x5, I will work on my BACK!

I need to practice scapular retraction, work my upper back to stop looking like a pear. Also, I would like to do at least 10 pullups sometime in my life. Never did more than 5-ish and those were shit form.

I might go for 70 on the deadlift today...

Squat: 60kg
Overhead press: 40kg (longer rest, I always kill myself on this)
DL: 70kg
Back workout: Lower weight, volume for DAYS.

I dunno. But sometimes fedilab is caught in a 500 error toast message loop.
Number of people that are on FSE that have attempted to compromise other people's accounts on their servers: 0

Number of people that have done that *to* FSE: +2 as of today. Violet, wherever the fuck she is, and @lynnesbian .

Violet just piggybacked on Lynne. Whatever. She's been a persistent source of drama, I guess she's also a script kiddie. Nothing for it, they'll always exist.

Lynne, though, exploited software she provided ostensibly for free. (Maybe she was salty that I remarked her bot was not written very well a couple of times. I've certainly never done anything to her, though she has lied to me personally a few times. Hey, Lynne, if you see this, the stupid Markov library you use lets you serialize training data, you are a retard for not even reading the docs and a bigger retard for retraining the bot every time it posts. You don't need to archive all of the posts. I won't charge my consulting rate, that's free. I will post the DMs you sent me, though. Just for you, I've disabled incoming deletes.)

Exploiting software you provided is bottom-of-the-barrel shithead behavior. I'm going to recommend you not touch anything she's written, because she might decide she doesn't like what you do with it; consider anything she's touched a Trojan. Thank :thejesus: she's not in charge of anything real, because if you'll abuse a tiny bit of power and justify it by getting preachy about how ethics are only for bros and you've got a higher morality, you'll abuse any power you get. I shudder to think what she'd try to justify getting away with if she had any real authority. To quote Nietzsche (for maximal triggering, it is advised to quote philosophers to make your point), "You're not kind; you just have no teeth."

Here's a screenshot and a logfile. In the logfile, Lynne's, Violet's Anyone else didn't post too many times, maybe there was someone else.
Slowly working on the assets for BORING GAME again.

What is Boring Game? Well, in terms of actual code written and art created, it's not much.

Boring Game is an attempt to synthesize the stories my brothers and I made up together about a fictional universe. These stories had a continuity that carried over across many years, and allowed the three of us to make something together that was absurd, profane, and hilarious.
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