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Self Reliance

This is what matters to me. It may not to you, but I like to believe it would be a better place if they did.

Sumbitting a paper today, maybe, if I really want to.

And then it's gym tiem.

Dunno what happened, but Mastodon is much faster than it used to be.

It could be the client or the server, but either way, better times!

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Does anyone here know the process for federal apostille in the USA? I could use some pointers/guidance. :boost_requested:

I did a presentation thingy for Grimmcon0x7!

How have you all been?

Anyone in Europe know where I could get my hands on cheap HDDs? 4TB or larger.

I have found a couple for ~100€ a pop, but hey, something might be just around the corner ;-)

Haven't posted in yonks now.

I am alive and happy. How are all you ppl?

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Looking for Work :boost_requested: 

Hi all! I'm looking for junior-level work in #software / #game development, linux admin, or anything related. I have worked with #rust on librsvg in #outreachy and have written my own websites! I studied media in university so I can make videos and know a lot of AR/VR theory and design! I've also written C#, Java, Python, and Shell scripts

Need remote work, central US-based, travel (post-Covid) is great!

(sorry for the hashtag spam)
#Jobs #Job #remotejobs

First time after a while in a gym training, group.

And I must say I had a really great time, probably as close to the hired assassin lifestyle as possible:

Worked my arms
Picked shit up and put it down
Overdid it
threw up
cleaned up so that no one could tell there was vomit

Silent Assassin rating.

Anyone got reprap on their 3D printers?

Mine is running super slow (like, 2-4 second breaks between instructions). I haven't checked the config yet, but is that normal default RepRap behaviour?


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Ender 3 owners: When upgrading your mobo, did you put ferrules on the cables? Or did you just replace the mobo and called it a day?

The cables are covered in solder, to keep them secure, that's why I'm asking...

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swearing, dell laptops 


ONE MONTH AGO I replaced the battery of my Dell which stopped charging out of the blue.

Now, I connected it to AC, turned it on and ran a movie on it in the evening. Before turning it off, I unplugged the AC and the FUCKSTICK died. Just shutdown, as if I yanked out the only power source it had.

So it's not a bad battery, the charger just went apeshit and burned out the battery.


It's astounding how much the "enough of this bullshit" attitude can accomplish.

I should have my OSCP voucher next week. Not the 3-month pass, but the entire YEAR.

OSWP, OSCP, all the other sweet shit.

I couldn't be more excited at this point in my life.

My boss just followed me on twitter.

He goes by real name, I am m4iler there.

What the fugg? I have two options:

1) block him
2) never mention my job again

Today I had a dream about me dropping out of uni. Calmest I've been, until I woke up and realized I need to finish this fucking thing.

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what do you use more often? (please repeat)

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