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Well, yo boy is back to his current weight.

111 kg. Fuck.

To illustrate, I should weigh around 77 kg.

I'm almost 150% of my ideal weight! FUCK!

So. I pledge this to you, fediverse, and never let this toot be lost. Bully me, assault me, make me a pariah if I ever break these promises.

My weight will go down.
I will exercise daily. Even if it's some 30 push-ups before bed.
Water is my only friend now. Water and cofe. No sugar in my beverages.

I will also edit /etc/eating/habits. 1PM to 4PM.

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I'll start the same challenge I used to do on birdsite.

One week. No other replies but poems. This is a much smaller ecosystem, so I'm afraid I'll nuke some people with poetry, but hey, hot takes deserve hot rhymes.

I reserve the right to use strong language in poems, because those things rhyme with anything.

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So, for all of you who want to get rid of google: BACK UP EVERYTHING.

I just spent half an hour getting common contacts from my mum's phone. Lost my Signal backup number as well (they force you to write it down, yo boy just took a screenshot.)

not as bad as being a google cuck, though.

back to lineage! the battery life's better, even without forcedoze.

Also, work is going great. I'm so hyped to go there, the people are so professional it makes me wanna kiss everyone there.

EVERYONE has password managers, EVERYONE has awesome laptops and all I do all day is learn the programs I will be using.


I will try to migrate into red-team, though, network watching seems pretty dull at times.

I also want to thank @ryen for reminding me about searchsploit. It works like a charm for attackdefense labs!

Did some CTFs this week, I might do a writeup, but I'm not that clear on the details anymore.

From now on, I'll try to write my writeups down.

I'm really really really tired, but I have to pick GF up from the airport.

Looking forward to that.

Well, I'm looking at agenda-keepers that would work for Linux, Windows and Android. I don't have google calendar, I use nextcloud, but I'd love something I could sync to watch my shit offline.

Before I get to that, I'd have to start some discipline on keeping tasks and notes. I'm too fucking lazy to keep hand-written notes, so I'm looking at something very very simple to use.

I managed to get the FM transmitter in the N900 working with postmarketOS :D

It may have been the hours I spent staring into a monitor...
It may have been the approx. 4 espressos I had...

But I am convinced that RegEx made my head hurt.

Renaming shit to other shit to practice splunk.

Turns out replacing "Time_[something]" to "Cunt_[something]" makes my day.

Heh, "cunt_zone"

Morning, guys.

I feel normal, what the fuck. No issues whatsoever, I'm going to work like nothing happened.

I need to go to bed earlier. Also, I'll be getting on some polyphasic sleep schedule.

It may be difficult at first, I will feel like having "run out of time" if I take too long on one task, but I will become so regular you could set your fucking watch based on when I do shit.

No wonder my father works like clockwork. He figured this out as well.


I need to start seriously working on my sleep/work/workout schedule.

Tomorrow, when I get back, I will SIT DOWN and write down a calendar. I will make a calendar that encompasses ALL my time. I will become a creature of habit. I shall no longer worry about being "ambushed" because of what I do regularly.

I would rather be regular and well than mentally ill and irregular in my behaviour.

Hey, please, stop using Captcha or Recaptcha or whatever the hell its name is. Why would you compromise access to your site to a third-party technology?

Interested in what Public key system one could use besides PGP.

I can't quite decide whether to pursue the OSCP or OSWE certificate first. Help me out on this one, #infosec people.

+ I'll learn way more
+ It's the foundation for the other cert
+ Well known
+ Cheaper
- I'm no good at networks or Windows
- I'll have to learn way more
- I'm not sure whether I'm up to it

+ I'm well prepared
+ I'll become even better at web stuff
+ Linux-centric
- More expensive
- Less of a learning effect
- New cert, mostly unknown

>salmiakki ice cream
>salmiakki chocolate bars
>salmiakki yogurt
>salmiakki liqueur
>salmiakki lolipops
>salmiakki vodka

Yup, I'm in Finland alright

My facility requires 2 keycards to enter. One has my photo with a name, the other has just my name.

Guess who turned both cards inwards so he has no photo now! :ablobspin:

Anyone else who travels feel like it’s just an OSINT researcher’s dream? Your name & address on IDs, you see names on standby, company logos on bags, social media posts of your name and locator numbers...

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