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Self Reliance

This is what matters to me. It may not to you, but I like to believe it would be a better place if they did.

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Let's set some floor plans for the rest of the year.

1) August is Splunk User cert time. This Friday.
2) September = Power User
3) October/November = Security+
4) November onwards = OSCP
5) Q1/2020 = Pivoting to Red team.

Gotta put "shitposting at a national Con" in my CV.

If I were to create an advertisement for #RSS, it would be like this:

"Do not let GAFAM curate the web for you. Curate it yourself. Use RSS feeds."

Feel free to steal this. 😉

Soooo my suspicions were correct.

The SSD died. Press F in comments.

Now to indtall openmediavault.

I hate self-shilling. Something something blowing my own trumpet.

Here's my podcast. It may suck ass, but it's mine. There are 2 episodes as of now, but I'm working on more. One may even feature another human talking!

Mother from Sneakers reminds me a hellua lot of Jayson Street. Anyone else feel a similar way?

Now You see me 2 is fucking what-the-hell-folks good.

Easy watching, but GOOD.

Asking folks their opinion/knowledge:

Level1Techs, yay or nay? They seem really cool, helpful to the community, overall, they put out a lot of good and not too much bad.

Anyone else?


Still great reading/learning music. Puts me in the zone.

Okay, time for beddy-bye.

Good night, fedi, you all are too sweet.
I hope that one day we finally meet.
I know that we all will have loads of good fun
Until Gibson brings his big laser-gun!
Everyone would just yell out "Oh golly"
and it'd make the whole meeting more jolly.

One day, I'll go on trial for war crimes. But until then, I'll sleep tight and hope you do too.

Cc: @TheGibson


love to put a splash of bitters in with seltzer water

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