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Self Reliance

This is what matters to me. It may not to you, but I like to believe it would be a better place if they did.

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Let's set some floor plans for the rest of the year.

1) August is Splunk User cert time. This Friday.
2) September = Power User
3) October/November = Security+
4) November onwards = OSCP
5) Q1/2020 = Pivoting to Red team.

I can finally see how I differ from other people.

I see opportunities. They only see work.

I have had 2 projects in my head. Now, I have two other people to get them done with. Also, THEY have some projects of their own.

We can work together and make something for ourselves in $company.

Most of my colleagues, however, don't see this. We get 2000$ certificates for free, but they don't use it.

What is wrong with them? Are they lazy or just complacent?

Finally played Witcher in about 2 months.

It turns out that my controller was being confused with the keyboard and mouse, so it jittered around and turned on menus for no reason.

The culprit? STEAM.

re: Weight Loss 

The flat I'm looking at now has several WEP networks present.

I'm gonna enjoy this.

(responsible disclosure, patching and fixing all of it)

re: unh..... 

Aight. Third flat. Larger than the previous one, but it's only 1 large room + kitchen corner + bathroom.

50m2, not too shabby! Quiet part just outside of Prague, a castle, church in the vicinity, grocery shops and shit, everything a boy needs.

Plus there should be 400Mbps internet connection.


Instructions on what to do if you wake up at 3am and there’s a cowboy in your room @yukiame

@ryen @TheGibson HOWEVER: In my defense, I got into the building like a breeze. Even had a fake name, the guard tried calling the guy, but no dice.


Guy was not at the office. HOWEVER, if the other flat is nice, I'm takin' it.

Fingers crossed, everyone. Going into the lion's den.



Nini, fedi.

I'm gonna get a flat tomorrow. Either the one I went to today, or the one I'm going to see tomorrow.

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