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Well, yo boy is back to his current weight.

111 kg. Fuck.

To illustrate, I should weigh around 77 kg.

I'm almost 150% of my ideal weight! FUCK!

So. I pledge this to you, fediverse, and never let this toot be lost. Bully me, assault me, make me a pariah if I ever break these promises.

My weight will go down.
I will exercise daily. Even if it's some 30 push-ups before bed.
Water is my only friend now. Water and cofe. No sugar in my beverages.

I will also edit /etc/eating/habits. 1PM to 4PM.

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I'll start the same challenge I used to do on birdsite.

One week. No other replies but poems. This is a much smaller ecosystem, so I'm afraid I'll nuke some people with poetry, but hey, hot takes deserve hot rhymes.

I reserve the right to use strong language in poems, because those things rhyme with anything.

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So, for all of you who want to get rid of google: BACK UP EVERYTHING.

I just spent half an hour getting common contacts from my mum's phone. Lost my Signal backup number as well (they force you to write it down, yo boy just took a screenshot.)

not as bad as being a google cuck, though.

back to lineage! the battery life's better, even without forcedoze.

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Hi! I am a translator/interpreter by trade. My hobbies include (but are not limited to):

Linux (I use Debian btw)
Tech in general

I suck at most of these and I will gladly admit that. Can't pick mushroom pins, can't pop a shell for shit unless I'm given a literal step-by-step manual. But I'm very open to learning new stuff, that's why I'm here!

(I'll be posting Patreon-only Level1News every Tuesday as well, so stay tuned!)

Fuck all the other noise, fuck getting depressed, I just got LAZY. In July, I'm as free as a bird, no fixed schedule, so I can start full-time work in IT. Take my first step on the way to what I want to be.

Got to start some projects, on Gitlab or github or something similar, make myself be seen.

Well, it's come. Sleepy time.


Some plans:

1) set up a psychiatrist appointment
2) set a psychologist appointment (got a shrink from high-school, she'll understand)
3) make a Czech CV to send to school I'd like to work for
4) make a Czech CV to send to all the IT companies I want to work for

This all seems like a lot to me now, but I know I can do all of that. Bother all these people and get what I want.


GF, after getting new pills: "I need 10 days worth of pills, but these will only last 8"
me: "how many pills you got?"
gf: "32"
me: "and how often do you take them?"
gf: "3 per day"
me: "that's okay then"
gf: "no it isn't, how much is 32/3?"

I laughed my ass off.

Anyone set up on their own server? I got Prosody, but there is no web interface, so I'm looking for something more.

Tips to make your Twitter account better:
1. Lock your account.
2. Unfollow almost everyone.
3. Delete your account.
4. Throw all your Internet-enabled devices in the trash.
5. Find a way to destroy all Twitter servers and their backups.
6. Go live in a cabin in the woods.
7. Become an anprim.
8. Forget how to write and possibly even speak, due to extreme isolation from other humans.
9. Revert to a feral state of nature and live out of the rest of your life as an adopted member of a wolf pack.

Day 2 of not being negative: GF took me to a hospital.

I feel like a parcel. Wanna go postal.

Seriously, what the fuck is up with me?! I'm so down all the time.

Where I got this hardship now? I need to get better for my GF. She cried. On our anniversary.

That's what the comfy cunt in me does. He breaks lives, he wears everyone down.

The hitman needs to awaken. I used to love the idea of being on-call and a phone call saying "We need you to do a job tomorrow. Are you available?"

I want to be the problem-solver. A fixer, if that makes sense. It may be the hero complex, but I want to help people.

It's suddenly easier to see that I need a means to live, some hardship to get over. Being comfy means I want to kill myself. I need that drive.

Nini, fedi.

The day has been so-so, but it's better than wanting to kill myself.

Fuck what people (read: I) think, I will:

get up-to-date on business infosec
start learning relevant skills (SIEMs seem cool, but most likely some scripting skills and tech - Apache, nginx, all the stuff you meet in a business).

I will break that wall. I will BREAK that wall. I WILL break that wall. I will break that WALL.

Also, first day of the rest of my life.

Now reading Git for Humans. I need to get my blue team game on. SIEMs, DFIR, that sort of shit. Also, ActiveDirectory.

Next week's plans:

Send my CV to a school I may teach at
Start work on my IT CV.
Set up a Git repo to track CV changes on my raspberry pi.

Well, migrated my Keepass repo to pass. Nice so far, not many differences, but I'm looking forward to using git to track changes in my password repo without fearing loss in one when I pull to my phone.

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