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Well, yo boy is back to his current weight.

111 kg. Fuck.

To illustrate, I should weigh around 77 kg.

I'm almost 150% of my ideal weight! FUCK!

So. I pledge this to you, fediverse, and never let this toot be lost. Bully me, assault me, make me a pariah if I ever break these promises.

My weight will go down.
I will exercise daily. Even if it's some 30 push-ups before bed.
Water is my only friend now. Water and cofe. No sugar in my beverages.

I will also edit /etc/eating/habits. 1PM to 4PM.

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I'll start the same challenge I used to do on birdsite.

One week. No other replies but poems. This is a much smaller ecosystem, so I'm afraid I'll nuke some people with poetry, but hey, hot takes deserve hot rhymes.

I reserve the right to use strong language in poems, because those things rhyme with anything.

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So, for all of you who want to get rid of google: BACK UP EVERYTHING.

I just spent half an hour getting common contacts from my mum's phone. Lost my Signal backup number as well (they force you to write it down, yo boy just took a screenshot.)

not as bad as being a google cuck, though.

back to lineage! the battery life's better, even without forcedoze.

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Hi! I am a translator/interpreter by trade. My hobbies include (but are not limited to):

Linux (I use Debian btw)
Tech in general

I suck at most of these and I will gladly admit that. Can't pick mushroom pins, can't pop a shell for shit unless I'm given a literal step-by-step manual. But I'm very open to learning new stuff, that's why I'm here!

(I'll be posting Patreon-only Level1News every Tuesday as well, so stay tuned!)

"Ich bin jetzt Arzt."
"Nein, du hast einfach nur eine unleserliche Handschrift."

Hey, infosec people!

Should we make a song about infosec? A rap song, maybe?

I might make some of that about the people I admire...

:virgin: "Three-day weekend, I can just hang out on the couch and play video games."


:chad: "Three-day weekend. I can work more."

A blogpost on Nite team 4 and real-life possibilities is in the works ;-)

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First American Financial Corp. Leaked 885 Million Sensitive Title Insurance Records

I love how in other hacking games it's "Use our patented packet zapper to take care of their firewalls throughportage!"

while Nite team 4 goes

"Yeah, just use wireshark and get the password hash. What? No, it's not the password, dumbass, it's an NTLM hash!"


"Type aircrack, it'll find the networks in the vicinity. Then just get into one and become the MitM."

If you want to google a hint for the game and tons of "NSA leaked tools" lists show up, you know that shit good.

til that pwgen has this option:
>Do not use any vowels so as to avoid accidental nasty words

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Twitter: getting ratioed because of a typo.

Fediverse: getting boosted despite a typo, because everyone knows what you meant to say.

I do not consider myself a smart man. I *do* consider myself a stubborn man, Sometimes you'll face something hard, something you don't know, something you don't understand.


Do what you need to in order to overcome it. You'll be a better person for it after.

Oh, almost forgot today's writeup!

:verified: led training session and got some push-ups, sit-ups, and squats in
:verified: Taught and only took a 20-minute nap afterwards
:verified: Popped 3 shells on metasploitable 2 using their exploitability manual
:verified: downloaded a bunch of forensic books to my Kindle
:verified: didn't go completely mad
:unverified: went to bed on time

I'll work on that last one, but hey. At least it's something!

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