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Self Reliance

This is what matters to me. It may not to you, but I like to believe it would be a better place if they did.

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Let's set some floor plans for the rest of the year.

1) August is Splunk User cert time. This Friday.
2) September = Power User
3) October/November = Security+
4) November onwards = OSCP
5) Q1/2020 = Pivoting to Red team.

A bit of a workout and a bit of arts and crafts with friends. #CircusInPlace continues to be one of the most interesting places I've hung out.

We'll return this Friday for more!

How is your thursday going?

I'm chilling on call with $company, preparing to do the big dishes and happy I could join @RussSharek for a lovely chat on .

The day's going well and it's not even noon.

Hey @yukiame @GWFF @Hemmels @YorkshireTea apparently y’all have come up with an acting cuntmeter, remarkable. Newton would be proud.

GF drew this in the second grade.

Fookin' predator tractors, man. Nothing to fuck with.


Keyboard shopping, pls boost (retoot of my post) 

Okay, I'm looking for a keyboard now. If any of you have any recommendations, I'm completely open.


Tactile, non-click switches.
Under 100$ in price, if possible.

Detachable cable
TKL (no numpad or smaller)

Pls boost, I'm glad for any advice <3

are there any audiobooks people want from audible? i have 12 credits, nothing to use them on and a DRM stripper so uh

requests if you want

Here's a fun game:
Start brushing your teeth while cleaning your ears,
then swap hands.

Last person with eardrums wins.

This is supposed to be me.

Flattered that a former pupil drew me. But I still feel bullied :-D

I get PR pitches daily about facial recognition systems that can ID people wearing masks that cover the mouth and nose. I haven't followed up on any, but I personally would not rely on a face masks to defeat facial recognition.

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