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Self Reliance

This is what matters to me. It may not to you, but I like to believe it would be a better place if they did.

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Let's set some floor plans for the rest of the year.

1) August is Splunk User cert time. This Friday.
2) September = Power User
3) October/November = Security+
4) November onwards = OSCP
5) Q1/2020 = Pivoting to Red team.

The tooth fairy market is being held up only by the planned obsolescence of milk teeth.

Cicada3301 needs to come back.

I need to look at the Liber primus in my spare time.

Didn't do any of the things I listed yesterday...

BUT I AM doing an AD attack/defense course.

Shit's cool, I was never good with Windows.

Okay: tomorrow, I'll set up P4wnp1 AOLA on the piZero, plus I'll attempt to make my eInk display on the pi show something that can stay there for a long time.

Culled my follow list by 80-ish people to see more of what I want and less of what I don't want

Anyone else in the Attacking AD bootcamp on Pentesteracademy?

Time for work!


Here lies George, the best cups player...
...or here...
...or here.

$company seems to want to make a video with me.

Gosh diddly darn. I don't wanna be in a video! No face.

Monday morning: Teach phishing prevention
Monday afternoon: Get a message from baby Jesus about Christmas gifts
Today: Got a fucking phishing e-mail

Seriously? The timing is just TOO GOOD.

Me: Oh boy, can't wait to pentest 'puters!
My company: Do you know how to secure satellite comms?

I'm loving this.

HACK THE PLANET (from the outside)

Got a talk today on phishing. Went great.

3 hours later got an e-mail from BABY JESUS telling me to send a link in reply to receive a Christmas gift.

Yes, it was legit, but I got a message from a colleague telling me that my jokes are really childish.

The timing.

I need a project. I want to test something for clients. Or at least do a cert to show I still got it.

I feel the rust upon my wheels. I need something offensive.

Might give the Pineapple a swing tomorrow, when I have nothing to do.

K, fixed it.

My parents now have 24/7 support.

24 days to 7 months delay.

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My SSH tunnels seem to be nowhere near persistent :-(

These are prices for computers in 1990.

It's a QUARTER OF A MILLION CZK to buy a PC with a coloured display.

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