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Self Reliance

This is what matters to me. It may not to you, but I like to believe it would be a better place if they did.


Put this together just to piss off my colleague.

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Well fuck me.

Internet, 70/20Mbps, for like 15 bucks?

I paid less than that for full gigabit.

BuUUUUUUUt I guess it may be an issue of me now living like 40km away from that place.

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Czech election results: not great, not terrible. Especially glad about KSČM, ČSSD and Pirates.



The Communist Party of Czechia and Moravia (KSCM) and Czech social democrats party (CSSD) haven't got enough votes to get into Parliament!

Fuck yes!!!

Cc: @grips you may be a Hungarian cunt, but you live here too, so let's celebrate?

Should I buy server SUN FIRE X4150 Intel Xeon 3 Ghz,8Gb RAM for 20$?

I feel like something's missing from my new battlestation... what is it?

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From what country you are?

Hello, friends! If you have #XMPP or #Matrix messenger, let's kindly chat:


Sharing is very appreciated and greetings from Indonesia!

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Reconstruction is FINALLY coming to a close.

Still a lot of moving furniture around, one door is still MIT (missing in toilet) and needs to have its frame custom-made, but other than that, it's just small tidbits here and there. After that, it's hello new apartment!

Also, we need a new security door, the old one is just fireproof and due to several swift kicks by previous owners, when you close it, you can still see outside through the crack where the door bends away from the frame.

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AppArmor VS SELinux ?


Long thread, my last 2 weeks (best of), paranoia 

But there was one moment when I got surprised/concerned.

My boss took me aside and said:

"Hey, do you know what a contingency is?"
"Take this as a question, not a warning: I see you as a great asset, and you know that. If things in your office location don't work out, if this company goes under, would you be willing to work for our other office in the other country?"

I told him sure, but I'm not moving. I work remote already, fuck moving.

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Long thread, my last 2 weeks (best of) 

So my week was quite eventful, but the next month will be even more so:

Salary negotiations (fighting to get to market price, boss said he supports me)
Client training
Fixing flat
Webinar for a space agency
Fixing flat
Another training
Fixing flat
Meeting with client company (storytime, I'll channel my inner Tinker)

All in all, my life is evolving for the better.

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Long thread, my last 2 weeks (best of) 

He replied simply with "Looking forward to it!"

This week, I was braindead all Monday and Tuesday. Like, I looked at "Application Security" and got nothing. I didn't even know what to imagine under that term!

It's better now. I somehow pivoted to "Instructor" and am currently scheduled to hold 3 trainings within the next 30 days. Fun!

Did OSINT on a company, and I believe I was successful, somewhat: ~150 e-mails and passwords, phone numbers


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Long thread, my last 2 weeks (best of) 

Coming to the office after lunch, my boss pointed at the front door lock:

"Got your lockpicks?"
"Have you tested if you can pop this lock?"
"Why? You're the security guy, you should test the security."

Popped it in 4 minutes. The CEO knew 2 minutes later from my boss.

Speaking of CEO, I have a habit of picking people up. Picked up my boss and the BU director, after which we agreed to send them to the CEO with a message:

"You're next"

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Long thread, my last 2 weeks (best of) 

I went out to drink for 2 days of the last week, with my boss. When we started swapping memes, he just smiled and told us all "You should see what my colleague sends me" and pulled out the most disgusting scat porn you won't even find on dedicated sites. No puchline, just straight up scat, self-sucking gifs, bondage.

I made him tap out when I showed him some of my buddy's collection, though, so I am meme master once more.

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