@ScottMortimer That's cool, I haven't heard of any provider that markets that yet. Then again I also didn't check any πŸ˜…

@leip4Ier Yes, I agree. Thankfully, I live in such a country and my ISP is a bit of a privacy activist πŸ˜„

@leip4Ier Too bad the performance is usually sub-optimal.. πŸ€”
But I guess you get to decide between privacy and comfort.

@leip4Ier Ah, I misunderstood you then πŸ˜„
Until we have ECH*, I guess the only mitigation for that is a VPN, however it technically only moves the problem and the involved trust to the VPN provider.

*: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_N

@leip4Ier But isn't that the SNI of the resolver? From my understanding, the HTTP request inside the TLS session contains the domain to resolve: tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8484#se

@galaxis @jerry I am not sure, I was mainly browing the local timeline and interacting with toots. Also sending my previous reply to you took about 8 seconds πŸ˜„

@kev Now combine this with Vanilla.js and you have a complete frontend stack πŸ˜„

@galaxis Maybe it's time to move back to my first account on mastodon.xyz, but I originally moved away from there because of these exact performance issues. πŸ€”

@galaxis Maybe it's just my instance but it's as slow as when I left it last time. Clicking on toots takes several seconds to load, etc.

I recently backed up and restored my main home server so I could reinstall it, and ran into an issue with the user and group IDs having changed -- which made restoring more complicated.

A writeup on the small script I wrote to fix the situation: brainonfire.net/blog/2020/12/2

Of note: It was very, very useful to have backed up /etc/passwd and /etc/group along with the user data!

@leip4Ier Why is it pointless to use DoH if your ISP logs all HTTPS connections? The only thing they learn is when you request a domain name and potentially how many, but the content (i.e. the DNS query) should be encrypted, right?

@bojkotiMalbona True, but you would be surprised and annoyed at how many websites still don't allow you to use even the "+"..

@galaxis I haven't been here for a while, but not much has changed πŸ€”

@gnomon Some quotes would have definitely helped me understand correctly the first time I read it. But now I understood.

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