Writing a nasty Bash script to retrieve and parse a POST request.

Oh, it’s disgusting. It’ll work though!

If I did this task more often, I’d learn a proper way of doing it.

But that’s where Bash is great. It may not be the most effective or efficient and any one thing, but it can do everything.

Once again an open-source project doing the wrong decisions: Docker cannot be downloaded without logging into Docker Store - github.com/docker/docker.githu

Okay, I don't use Mastodon as often as I used to, but I feel like ever since I left mastodon.xyz, my timeline and notification panel has dropped a lot in activity.

Logitech released a new mouse, the MX Vertical. I never used a vertical mouse before, which makes me wonder if I should give it a try. πŸ€”
Anyone has experience with those?

So I managed to get IPv6 inside an OpenVPN tunnel working. However, I still need to figure out how to make it dynamic, because currently the prefix inside the tunnel is copied manually from the WAN interface. I mean I could use a private prefix and use NAT, but that seems like a poor solution.
Does anyone have a better idea?

OnePlus has cool phones and a nice android update policy but their panorama feature sucks.

Did any European follower of mine order a WASD keyboard and can tell me how the experience was and how much shipping cost, etc.?

@LeftCoast Okay, new bug, it just said it refreshed but it actually didn't download any new emails. Crazy that in 2018 you can still now have a working email client on your phone.

Does anyone know of a good alternative for K9Mail on Android? This thing is so buggy for me, at least on Oreo. There's an open issue on GitHub too. πŸ™„

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What's the point of my @xkcd bot? It has over 500 followers and more than 3 boosts would be record breaking if I look at the previous few posts it published.
I might as well delete the account.

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Does anyone have any experience with IPFire? It seems like it's a pfSense alternative based on Linux, but is it good enough?

I don't know why, but every open-source software based on FreeBSD sucked so far. Both FreeNAS and pfSense were quite unstable in my experience.

After nearly 20 years of working in IT-related roles, across development and security, one thing sticks out like the proverbial "dogs balls" yet so few companies see it.

If you treat your people well, your business will do well. It's so simple. Companies that look after their people retain those people, and those people work hard to make the business succeed.

So, stop treating your people like resources and treat them like humans, for fuck sake!

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do i really deal with impostor syndrome or am i just faking it

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