If the offer is bogus, why offer it? That seems like just another fraud of the sort the FTC would investigate if it weren't party to it.

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We put together a list of all the stories my colleague and I wrote at , along with a few blurbs that we weren't able to publish as full articles. pcmag.com/feature/370092/black

Did anybody cover the charlatan track at Black Hat? Looks like there was a stellar entry today.

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Some fun shenanigans. Ruben Santamarta, a researcher at IOActive, gave a presentation about vulnerabilities he found in the Boeing 787 core network. Boeing has issued a strong denial, and has a PR rep here to boot. FAA has also chimed in, supporting Boeing.
I have been told (BUT HAVE NOT CONFIRMED) that there are Boeing engineers at the conference to refute the claims in person.
Santamarta and IOActive are emphatically standing behind their work.

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