hey fedizens, i built something useless!


it shows you the list of fediverse instances that fetched the link (only mastodon and pleroma supported for now). you can generate your own link and post it, too.

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it's nice to see how each boost adds a few more instances :)

and it's interesting how pleroma fetches the link faster than mastodon, each boost adds pleromas first and only later mastodons

ugh, it was broken for a while, i fixed it. is being glitchy again, they did something with their pnpm store server and it wouldn't install my modules, saying no space left. i switched to npm, it installs packages locally in my container.

@leip4Ier interesting thing you made. would i be wrong to assume it can theoretically be used to find non-announced instance blocks or do i misunderstand something here :akkoUnsure:

@gaige i don't think it can, you'd have to somehow make sure your instance federates well with everyone (as in, there're no instances it doesn't know, there're no firewalls on its way, etc), and that none of the instances disable prefetcher.

@leip4Ier well, if it is posted on one instance then proxied through an instance you are certain federates with a suspect blocking instance (reposted by someone for example), that would probably reveal that a blocking instance isnt fetching the link?

@leip4Ier I wonder what kind of possibilities this can give, let’s say if it was adopted by blogs, news websites and so on.

Some kind of analytics I guess.

Or you can hide it somewhere like here and look which instances received your post…


@a1batross well, it's just bots loading the page, i don't think this data can be used anyhow. you can learn when someone posts a link to e. g. an article on fediverse, but only once, after that you won't be able to tell new and old fetches apart.

whoa, it gets much more interesting with html post support!

@leip4Ier yes but when we don't care about one person in our statistics, because we probably have too much of them, we can estimate the coverage of Fediverse and how far the instance federates. And then pick one for our nasty plans. >:3

@leip4Ier I randomly remembered this post and thought: why couldn't *this* be used to aggregate *active* instances?

It's pretty non-invasive since those instances choose if they want to be discovered (via fetching the link) or not.

You have the code for this public?

@indirection but there already is, it uses much more efficient algorithms. mine is just an experiment coded in an hour, though yeah, i was gonna publish it sooner or later. i could do it tomorrow if you want the code (but still, there's nothing worth attention in it).

@leip4Ier Oh damn! Nice, ok, didn't know this existed πŸ™‚

@indirection for stats, there's some mastodon api endpoint that returns them. i don't know how instance discovery works though. maybe it federates with other instances itself or uses some plugin to retrieve federation data from an existing instance?

@indirection on the about page,

> Contains an embedded Pleroma instance

i think this is how (additionally to manual entry) it does instance discovery

@leip4Ier I'm doubtful it uses "more efficient algorithms".

Yours may be an experiment but I think it's worth noting that you "passively" discover instances, rather than explicitly. even has an issue which says "crawl private instances less".

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