is there a good twitter to mastodon crosspost bot that would support image and video attachments and be small enough to run on an orange pi?

i'm not moving away from fediverse, it's just that nintendo switch only supports posting to twitter and facebook, and i wanna post my screenshots to mastodon

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registered at for now, it seems to work well, but i'd like a little more control given that it requires full rw access to account data (also mastodon could be a little more elaborate in describing oauth scopes..)

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@leip4Ier alternatively, you could look at e.g. pi-hole or some other local DNS change, so your Nintendo thinks twitter is at some selfhosted API.

Not sure how compatible mastodon is with twitter create-tweet API.

@berkes it won't work like that, afaiu mastodon api is incompatible with twitter api. at the very least, oauth scopes are different. also the console has an application token saved somewhere. i won't be able to register an application with the exact same token on my mastodon instance.

@berkes i for a second thought about writing a proxy, but then realized that tls is a thing that exists ^^"

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