Pinafore v1.17.0 

The main feature of this release is that the focus ring (i.e. the glowing outline around buttons and links) should be less prominent for mouse users. If you prefer to use the keyboard to navigate, then nothing should change. This follows a new web standard called "focus-visible."

If you prefer the old behavior, you can enable "Always show focus ring" in the settings.

Loading threads when clicking on statuses should also be faster.


True story: this new Pinafore feature was inspired by me noticing that my wife would always do an extra click in the page margins to get rid of the focus ring. Then I realized I subconsciously did the same thing.

Also props to my old coworker Greg Whitworth at Microsoft for pushing Google folks to finish shipping the :focus-visible CSS standard.

The more I read about it, the more I think this is a really sensible CSS standard, similar to prefers-reduced-motion or prefers-color-scheme (dark mode). Accessibility settings like this should be set globally at the OS level, not on a site-by-site basis.


@nolan wait, is the standard already implemented in major browsers? i used a shim for @meowViewer , but i target firefox 52, so i guess i'll keep using that.

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@leip4Ier @meowViewer Firefox implemented an early version called -moz-focusring. I tested it out, and it's very lackluster in my opinion. (It's inconsistent, it flashes the focus ring briefly when clicking, it's based on "you pressed Tab once, now you're a keyboard user forever".)

Short answer: Mozilla and Apple both intend to implement, Chrome has implemented behind a flag and is still working on shipping. But it's part of the CSS Selectors level 4 spec.

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