people write websites in ?.. is that a thing?

i found this mess of a website, but if it exists, there should be other, better frameworks?

@null @leip4Ier i mean the fish shell includes (or depends?) on a web server for its included configuration front-end

@jellypotato @null yeah, but that's an extremely simple webserver and it's probably written in c..

(although iirc they even have theme previews? must require quite some js. but i still think that the backend isn't that complicated.)

@jellypotato @null it's in python:

interesting that they specifically check if it's running in termux and use termux's own command to open the link

@leip4Ier It's not the craziest thing I've ever seen. I mean, we used to build websites with #Perl.

I build my own website with #m4 and a #makefile. :)

@starbreaker well, perl is a general-purpose language focused on string manipulation, and string manipulation is what web is about. and m4 is a macro preprocessor, it's just a less fancy alternative to what we now call "static site generators". just like jekyll, hugo or gatsby — nothing crazy imo :)

@starbreaker oh, i found your article about it (

i disagree with the person you linked to — each tool is good for its task. if you have troubles with setting up a static site generator, then you either picked one that's too complicated or one that's not flexible enough for your task. to me it seems that the author just likes to fiddle and can't not get distracted by features they don't really need..

so m4 is a static site generator too, imo — just one that's much less complicated than most. didn't it all start with bash scripts for simply adding head and nav? and then people thought they needed to do this and this and added these features and decided to rewrite generators in other languages...

@leip4Ier Well, yeah. There really isn't anything new. All of those old, "obsolete" technologies are just dead-but-dreaming, waiting until the stars are right again for their resurgence.

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