why does mastodon never federate favs and boosts reliably? i almost always see a wrong number of favs for remote toots, and the list of people who favorited the toot often doesn't contain a single person. it's somehow better for boosts, but still similar.

@leip4Ier that is a great question. I don’t know the answer, but I suspect it would be complex to accurately federate (and maintain) an updated like/boost count across all instances that a toot appears on.

@jerry @leip4Ier It would seem to be. Wish there was a way to figure out something like the next 10 things they are gonna fix . Github has milestones but seems either @Gargron doesn't like them or something else. I do see the number of active branches which does indicate what he is working on . See . One can use comparison from last release to latest commit to know what he and others have been working on but perhaps not enough, dunno. 1/n

@jerry @leip4Ier @Gargron I find milestones being a good way to know what is going to come in few months etc. so people are aware of the changes coming ahead.

@jerry @leip4Ier The answer is that this was simply never a goal when most people on here are against prominent counters. What’s the point of syncing such minutiae when it’s almost never getting looked at?

@Gargron @leip4Ier I suspected that was the case. There are much more important functions to implement. The more I think about it, synching likes/boost counts would create a firestorm of extra traffic between instances.

@Gargron @leip4Ier I think that some people do pay attention to it. In the twitter world, like/retweet counts, I strongly suspect, create a feedback loop that cause some tweets to go wildly viral. I don’t think that is/was a desired objective here, either.

@Gargron @jerry thanks for the answer! i don't think it's a needed feature, was just curious what's the reason for that.

@leip4Ier I think it's for the same reason deletes don't federate reliably:

Let's say Charlie follows Bob, and Bob follows Alice, but Charlie doesn't follow Alice. All three are on different instances.

When Alice posts a new post P, Bob's instance gets notified, because Bob follows Alice.

Then, when Bob boosts P, Charalie's instance gets notified, because Charlie follows Bob.

Now let's say some new information related to P appears on Alice's instance - eg. a fav or delete. That instance is broatcast on Alice's profile.
Bob's instance gets notified, because Bob follows Alice.
But Charlie's instance doesn't get notified, because nobody on that instance follows Alice.

@Wolf480pl oh, i see! i thought that the server hosting the toot would push counts, not the servers hosting accounts of people who faved it.

@Wolf480pl also i wonder how polls work, then. they have a refresh button..

@leip4Ier I guess it's just polls (xD) the server hosting that toot when you click refresh.
Also, by voting in a poll you kinda follow the poll or sth, so the hosting server is aware of you and can l et you know when the poll is finished.

disclaimer: all this is a hypothesis based on how I've seen things work, things I vaguely remember kaniini saying, and a general idea of how I would do these things if I had to.

@Wolf480pl it seems plausible!

technically, the faved user list too has a refresh button, but it just doesn't do anything..

@leip4Ier even if it's the server hosting the toot you'd get that effect, because it only pushes it to followers, and some people who see the post are not followers.

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