does anyone know a good node.js package to fetch link previews? (opengraph/twitter cards metadata, title tags, etc)

i've found a few services with APIs to do that, but not a single package to do it locally. while i understand that one needs to be careful with security here (to not accidentally leak data from the local network and to not become a dos amplifier) and you'd need many IPs for websites to not ban you if you wanna prefetch a lot of data, but other than that, it shouldn't be too hard... is it?

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@rmdes it looks like a tool only for that oembed standard, i'm more interested in opengraph with a fallback to the usual title / meta description. but thanks anyway, i'll see how many websites support oembed and if i could use it!

@rmdes huh, there're a few libs like , i guess that's what i need. thanks a lot!

That's the one they use inside slack client to expand urls :)

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