could the text of a software license be published under the terms of another license?

e. g. "this software is free & open source, but you have to change the license upon forking, this one is mine"

In some countries (I wouldn't know the list, I am looking it up right now), contract and license texts are free to use, copy and edit by anyone.

@kaiyou i didn't know that, but it's actually reasonable and great!

so this kind of license would work or not depending on your country of residence, just like forced arbitration clauses...

@leip4Ier the GPL has a copyright notice on the license text itself, and the license of the license IIRC says you can't modify GPL without renaming it.
But I have no idea if and where it's enforcable.

@Wolf480pl oh, interesting! i think i never read the full gpl text, and never saw any other licenses doing this. but the "don't modify without renaming" thing is reasonable.

now i wonder, what about software distributed without the full license text (gpl doesn't allow this, but i think other licenses do)? does a single line "distributed under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license" have any legal force?

@leip4Ier I can't see why not? It's a written document and thus should have a copyright.

Then again IANAL.

@alcinnz as @kaiyou mentioned in a reply, turns out that in some countries contract texts can always be freely copied (and honestly, i think it should be so everywhere), but i'm not a lawyer either, i guess it indeed should work in other countries

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