by the way, i was thinking about this lately, so, what's a nice alternative to github? i can't host it myself, so i'm seeking for a nice instance, preferably gitea/gogs, which is welcome to new people

if there are any, i'm not sure

@leip4Ier How about GitLab? It saw an increase in use last year after Microsoft purchased GitHub.

@samir i don't like it due to various reasons, including its interface, but i'd prolly use it if there was an instance hosted by someone else

@javi while i like the git+mailing lists development model, i think it'll discourage people from contributing to my projects :x and PRs/MRs are still easier to organize, search and discuss. and there are no stars!!

but i'll think about it, thank you!

@leip4Ier You can create private repos with Git at if you wan to via

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