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i want a shortcut that mentions all users on the fediverse just to say how awesome they are

systemd is acting funny

A stop job is running for User Manager for UID 1000 (12s / 2m 2s)


... 546 us / 1m 48s


... 4s / 1m 36s

how does it work (at least i'm lucky that it still boots after failed)

reminded me of someone who said that a tcp connection can be frozen with both participating computers then transferred to other continents, woken up, and it'll still work.

sadly in real world it doesn't work like that (or, maybe, if you suspend both server and client, it will, but i only have access to client).

woah, my laptop just completely discharged while i was typing a long toot, but today systemd (default, not my timers or something) made it fall asleep correctly. well, it startled me by showing a black screen with kernel error logs for a second, but then i plugged cable in and woke it up and nothing was broken. even tor circuits are still alive.

docs are nearly nonexistent (and outdated), certbot renewal configs are not intended to be edited manually... in help, it says that "webroot-map" should be added to config as a single line with json, instead, it only parses it if written in a toml'ish way

luckily it updates renewal configs if you supply new options when running renew from console

nginx authenticator seems to be buggy still
so far the easiest way for me is to add

location /.well-known/acme-challenge/ {
root /srv/acme-webroot/

to /etc/nginx/default.d/acme.conf, and then just use a single webroot for each domain

welp, my tdlib bindings don't see an optional field in the chat object

hooow do i convert an int64 chat id to int32 supergroup id?!

telegram tdlib docs are... well, at least, not helpful. oh, wait, they help you to find out that "createBasicGroupChat" doesn't create a chat, only returns an existing one, but "createNewBasicGroupChat" does!

seems like people who create websites are forgetting that page titles are still useful

how am i supposed to find a link i bookmarked earlier when i need it if the only thing its title is saying is "pleroma" or "x's blog"? and if someone shares it in a messenger, the preview will not tell them anything

please, set titles to something reasonable. i love how mastodon does it, an excerpt of a toot. and if your blog post has a title (most probably), why not use it.

also, stumbled upon this one while searching:
and it seems to be what i wanted for a long time! a text diagram editor!

searched for an art viewer to see my old arts, turned out that it isn't trivial nowadays (if you don't wanna install mono)

but i found this: . and it has an awesome js port!

is there a way to reply to a toot without marking your toot as a reply? i mean, for it to appear in the public timeline and such things

sometimes i want to start a thread using one of my accounts and continue it from the other, but in such case it won't be seen by anyone except me

oh, they already removed it because of browsers' confusing ui

why do we need so many APIs in js then if many are unusable

well, i went to check this on a random instance and...
i understand when someone sets custom strings for favourite/boost/reply buttons, but i never thought that anyone would go this far

cc: @lynnesbian

huh, i tried and really like their custom protocol handler function: if you click on a like button on another pod, it will open the post on your pod, without the need to manually type its address

turned out that mastodon does support something like that, but i dunno in what cases it works

one of necessary functions in our production code was fucked up for quite some time after release because of me worrying about security more than anything 😓

probably because ethereum dapp security is something... both important and so rare and hard to reach, there are so many caveats

the fix to change one line and call an "insecure" function instead of its secure analogue

Apparently, common sense prevailed and non-GPL modules are tolerated as a necessary evil. Instead, technical means have been implemented to prevent non-GPL modules from accessing certain kernel APIs that are considered "internal."

that isn't the platform's fault, it's developers, but several years ago i could at least see 502 error myself and make conclusions immediately. or, not less likely, i could stumble upon a development mode server spitting out sql errors and parts of php code.

ok, it's just useless nit-picking, don't pay too much attention to me.

one of things i dislike about web apps the most is that debugging them has turned into a routine task

nobody will just show an error message if backend is responding with 502, i'll have to go to devtools to find out

nobody cares if half of resources haven't loaded, be it my ad blocker or cdn for some reason 403'ing me (and everyone else)

dunno how people who don't know how to use devtools work with them

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