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i want a shortcut that mentions all users on the fediverse just to say how awesome they are

i can't do import.apply(self, [...arguments]).then(...) in webpack?

i still can't believe it works correctly at such speed, but i checked and it seemed to

Most damning headline I've seen in a while: 

also this broke my favorite part of my app, which is the progress bar. now i don't have info about progress, but also i don't really need it if it's this quick now...

stumbled upon docs for bulkAdd in dexie (indexedDB wrapper), which i haven't seen before. it said, "bulkAdd may be a little faster than running add in a loop". i tried it. 10 times faster on chromium (48s -> 5s) and 5 times faster on firefox (20s -> 4s).

are callbacks/thens really this expensive?

i hate having to rewrite the commit history
at least there's bash..

seems like safari ios uses 10~20MB of disk space for each 1MB of IndexedDB storage (!). loading data on my website, safari asks me "do you want to increase storage limit for to 1.X GB?" a few times. wtf? i allowed it to, went to settings. safari says that my website uses 12MB of storage, all websites together use 80MB. and safari occupies 1.5GB of disk space. deleted my 12MB of data, safari went down to 200MB. mysterious.

then i eventually found out that sound just doesn't work on that machine. so i decoded it on my machine and it was just some music? coworker then found another filename in the askozia web interface, now a ulaw. he sent it to me, i decoded it into wav. it sounded like tape player at 10x speed. tried decoding with 22000 instead of 44100 and it started to sound like a weird voice! idk what's the right frequency, but at 8000 it sounds ok... at least we've found the right file.

so i was right. eventually i found a directory that contained a txt file with one line, "smth.wav", and a .ulaw file. coworker tried to find an online .ulaw to .wav converter. i downloaded ffmpeg, converted it into wav and tried playing it. silence.

we needed to make sure that one file, a custom recording for the call menu (like press 1 to do this and 2 to do that), is saved. coworker found some filename in settings, smth.wav, and tries searching for it in the downloaded directory. no results.

i booted back into the linux live usb and tried searching on the sd card (that only contains the os), still no results. i realized that it's probably converted into a weird format and saved elsewhere.

asterisk/askozia went down for some weird reason, so coworker was trying to fix it and killed it completely. he wanted to save the files (having already exported the main config file), booted that machine into windows pe, and expectably wasn't able to see any files.

so i had to write some linux live usb and boot into it. and then we didn't have a free portable hdd, so i just set up a vsftpd and we downloaded all the files over ftp =.=

(won't work if the website doesn't let anyone embed it or in some cases when it uses local storage)

lifehack. if there's a website with a responsive layout that hides some buttons in mobile version, and "request desktop version" doesn't help, you can do the following. search for "responsive test", pick one you like, enter your website address and choose the window size you like. now you can see it the way it's shown on desktop!

google translate won't parse anything containing an "@" as a link, so i had to find the atom url for that mastodon post, remove ".atom" and give the resulting link to google translate. but now it won't open content warnings! i click the button and it just doesn't work. i guess it's easier to just copy/paste the post text...

weird dreams 

TIL: Can't open a PDF file on Linux because it's owner password protected to prevent printing or other things? Easy fix without having to know the password:

qpdf --decrypt in.pdf out.pdf

Done! 🙂

@katzeilla I use it as temporary scratch space all the time.

cat - > /dev/null

I know many on the fediverse are concerned with privacy, demanding that their activities not be collected. The 9th circuit court in the US recently ruled that it’s not a crime to scrape web sites, even if the terms of use for a site prohibit it.
Also, it’s recently come to light that twitter employees abused their access to help foreign governments.

The fediverse is small and “nichey”, but we should be cognizant that our activity is most likely being collect and analyzed for various purposes.

it's an easily fixable software issue, but apple doesn't wanna do anything. so much for d&i.

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