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i want a shortcut that mentions all users on the fediverse just to say how awesome they are

(to clarify, i don't expect to find a way to camouflage my face that'd not attract people's attention, so it's just for curiosity, not real protection)

which algorithm do mobile phones use? it seems to be a pretty light on resources, are algorithms used for surveillance more accurate?

if i wanna test camo against facial recognition, which should i try? which is the most widely deployed? opencv with default haarcascades looks somewhat dumb to me, however i only used it with low quality videos.

i'd try rekognition, but i don't wanna contribute to their neural networks and face database..

is there another google voice-like service that isn't google?

will have to edit templates. looks like the tool author has a big monitor and a powerful computer, but i myself would prefer to not load 5 iframes on the same page just for *previews* each time. and those pages don't work well when you "only" have 768px of vertical space.

it worked for the whole night, and now i have a 24GiB archive with 750 webpages. mostly youtube, somehow there're a lot of videos about linux that i don't remember bookmarking (and not gonna watch), prolly an accidental channel bookmark.

girls talked about archivebox here, i firstly thought it needs a server, but later realized it's just a python script. so, i decided to archive my bookmarks...

it wouldn't use the exported html file with 2k+ bookmarks, so i manually edited it and removed folders with links to software and other things that aren't important as webpages.

so we finally played counter strike with coworker yesterday and i didn't like it. you wait, run somewhere, get killed, watch how it ends, repeat. dunno why everyone likes it — even if i were good at it, i don't see the point.

>3 years of development by a team of developers


there's a lot of webpack'd react code that doesn't have anything related to what we need. i got tired of trying to trace the logic so i just fed it wrong data as if it already was time to start and nothing happened. i think it doesn't yet have the code needed, most prolly will be a plain html form sent by the server, not in js.

so boss wants me to reverse-engineer that cryptocoin exchange i spent 4 hours reverse-engineering yesterday to find nothing and then to click some buttons tomorrow at 3 or 4 am

I am introducing the official currency of Mastodon, the Mastocoin, which does not exist and is therefore the best cryptocurrency

tried urban terror, too. maps are very big and there're no bots, so finding each other takes a lot of time.

and apparently i'm bad at shooters (quite predictably). he was always finding me and starting to shoot first. when it's happens after a couple of minutes of complete silence (only your footsteps), it's really scary. i screamed each time bc i couldn't control myself :/

also tried to play games with coworker. downloaded one counter strike, our versions turned out to be different and apparently that is no-go. problem is, torrents only have a single linux version, and windows version with the same number is gonna download only tomorrow...

tried warsow, too fast and also boring. downloaded another counter strike, older, versions differ too.

all that at lunch time (which we should have...), there were a lot of tasks today.

now i have a lot of free space and less wires. looks much better and minimalist.

though it's somewhat boring, everything is black on black and a little blue. if i at least i could change sip phone backlight to pastel pink...

got rid of the second monitor at work. first one is too wide already.

maybe if you wanna hide your identity you could just enter the first word and then choose closest match to what you wanted to say from your keyboard's suggestions

does smartphone keyboards' autocomplete somehow affect writing style of users

why is screen auto-rotate on by default. i don't like that icon of disabled auto-rotate in status bar.

though there seems to be a lot of people who don't use mobile phones at all on fediverse. it always surprises me and i'm a little envious. but phone besides other things is also a safety tool...

and how will i take photos when i see something beautiful if i don't have a smartphone?

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