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i want a shortcut that mentions all users on the fediverse just to say how awesome they are

til that pwgen has this option:
>Do not use any vowels so as to avoid accidental nasty words

oh well, i'll just upload it into a "$WEBSERVER_ROOT/$(pwgen 72 1)" obscure directory on one of our production servers :/

i'm a bad server administrator...

why did the author of pomf clones list take it down......

may be an interesting resource for creeps to monitor lol

glad that i found it out before uploading files

thesis.docx, resume.pdf, market_report.pptx, etc on a free file hosting that keeps a list of all uploaded files but doesn't make it obvious

making my desktop environment more usable. proper autostart via xdg instead of rc files of the wm, redshift for yellow colors at night... also replaced the only thing i needed a graphical file manager for: drag&drop, via dragon (after i press a key, shows a window from which the currently selected file can be dragged).

still not as nicely integrated as a proper DE, but usable.

i also fixed laptop screen brightness being reset to maximum when the laptop is connected to power by setting acpi_backlight=vendor kernel parameter. finally.

sometimes i want to buy a lot of backup parts for my laptop like, keyboard, a battery and a charger, just in case they break... although i know that i'd better buy a new laptop in a couple of years and i doubt that this one will break sooner.

cleaned my laptop, both outside and inside yesterday, it now looks as if it was new (except that most frequently used keys are glossy, not matte as rarely used ones). island-style keyboards so hard to clean between the keys! it's now much more comfortable to use. also it feels like it works faster now, but i doubt that it in fact is true, i only removed some dust from the fan...

@leip4Ier Kind of a shame that we can’t do all the cool security things at home, but I can’t blame the engineers behind game consoles for not implementing a feature that literally has “enterprise” in the name. If only they’d called it “WPA2-Cool”

we don't even know what does it want, there's nothing about the ransom. no text files, no fullscreen windows, no nothing.

fuck, some ransomware encrypted all files on my company's ERP/CRM server and now i can't enjoy my pizza bc i have to somehow help them

(i'm staying at home bc the saturday's trip was too exhausting and i'm sick now)

refactored a lot of js code, it looks waaay better now and nothing broke, lol

did a good job today. finished the modification for our online store, all that remains is to wait for coworkers to label all the goods we sell and deploy it.

the fact that i was able to do it is quite surprising, the cms we use looks quite complicated and companies pay a lot for this kind of development. but it isn't fun...

welp, the simple implementation would require a pretty sophisticated backend, and while i'm all in for sophisticated backends and light frontends, there already are a few open-source backends and i don't wanna reinvent the wheel. but apparently they weren't designed with synchronization in mind... well, in that case i could just edit that code and submit a PR... or, maybe better, fork.

started exploring the chromium extensions api. now bookmark sync seems to be a pretty trivial task, but who knows what problems will i face later...

later. today's and tomorrow's evenings are free, after that there's a lot of other work to do, so i don't know when will i be able to continue.

so, it's now impossible to tell chromium that i don't want it to be the default browser, isn't it?

finally, updated all my servers... :x

it's so strange, seeing articles about that linux kernel vulnerability i couldn't find any info about what release introduced it. and then i found a list of all affected versions...

i'll try using this setup for some more time, maybe i'll keep it. i was really surprised that kwin has so many options and things that can be assigned to hotkeys. i now use krunner to launch apps, although it isn't as convenient as rofi.

global menu is awesome. plasma has everything to set up a macOS-like layout, which for me seems to be the most comfortable, without additionally installing anything.

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