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i want a shortcut that mentions all users on the fediverse just to say how awesome they are

(in this case, github says it was created 9 years ago, with last minor changes in 2017)

it's almost as if old blogs and software project websites don't mention dates on purpose
love this website's design, even though the thing itself seems to be obsolete

i'm bored at work.. also that's a not very safe or cheap procedure, unfortunately, so you can't just do it when you want :(

til that you can eat glucose attached to radioactive molecules which then will decay and produce positrons. each of those positrons will annihilate and produce two particles going in opposite directions. so using a lot of sensors you can trace where exactly that happened, i. e. see where your body took that glucose! (that's positron emission tomography. not sure i understand it correctly though.)

the new mastodon 3.0 move followers feature, does it work for all your followers or only those on mastodon >= 3.0?

so the only mastodon clients for ios that support keyword filtering are "roma for pleroma" and tootle, and neither works well for me. it's a pity filters you add in web ui are only applied to web ui, not api fetches.

wrote a script to feed my whole toot history, including followers-only toots, into that ebooks bot. somehow results got even more meaningless.

ebooks output 

ebooks output 

ebooks output 

ebooks output 

finally, made lynne's ebooks code work without logging in to an instance, to generate phrases locally

on the other hand, i'm really glad i can tinker with a small script in a language i don't know well, remove parts i don't need and add them back when i realize i do need them. and not have "you imported this and didn't use! you forgot to remove this var!" etc like in go.

you can choose static or dynamic typing, that's a matter of taste, but why assume everything to exist?! a misspell and you'll waste 15 more minutes trying to find out why is it null

function definitions all over the place, hard to find the actual code that's being executed and also, "found = 1? what, did i miss something, you haven't used that variable before?"

reading source codes in languages like python that don't require (technically or by convention) you to put all the top-level code into a function and to declare your variables is weird :/

yay, fixed the firejail profile (just copied the updated seccomp rule from the stock torbrowser-launcher profile) and set it up to work with the system tor process. turns out tor browser has a firefox plugin that launches tor, you just need to edit its and torbutton's settings in about:config and give it a correct controlport password in an env var, that's it!

`history | grep -C 15` and i remembered that i used to use a normal browser with conditional proxying, all domains except a few would be proxied through tor. and i for some reason couldn't use socks4a (that supports queries to domains instead of IPs), so i needed my system-wide dns resolver to resolve .onion addresses too...

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