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So, I said before I was going to try to be on Mastodon more.

...So, uh... take two? Or three?


Trans woman in the EST time zone with way too many interests including, but not limited to, blue teaming, electronics, programming, reverse engineering (hardware and software).

I'd say to expect posts about infosec and such, but if my twitter is any indication... don't. LGBT stuff, ruminations, talking about my explorations (professional and otherwise) and bad puns.

Mostly bad puns/

HRT stuffs 

Part of me wonders if I shouldn't get my estrodiol dose bumped up. That night just be that I want my boobs to be bigger...

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New Gab instance, cw all the things, boost OK is a new gab instance.

They use a fork from spinster, who is a fork of gab.

Here is a recap:
* Gab is a forum for racist people, with actual murder as user of the forum.

* Spinster is a fork of gab, centered around TERF ideology (some mysoginist that pretend to be feminist, lots of cis women in there ).

* is a using a fork of that (the software calls itself soapbox).
Their audience is a bit more uk based and a bit more centered around InCel (machist, mysoginy, etc).

Do block, report and ask your admin if you are unsure if they are blocked yet.

#FediBlock #MastoAdmin #BoostOK

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transphobia, instance block 

Now you wonder why am I making a thread about IT Crowd and Graham Linehan.

Well, they started an instance, called
Now the only thing I could wish more than humans being able to live without the need of a state, is for people to block the crap out of this instance.

Not going on the sliperry slope here, but if people like him start to settle down, we will have more shit neighbours further down.

First nazi, now terfs, them what?

In case you havent read the wikipedia for graham linehan, this is the guy that petitioned the UK national loterry to not fund mermakds UK, a trans youth support charity.

That is also what lead Hbomberguy to raise £270,000 for said charity doing a charity livestream.

So please repport, please block, please share amd please make this terf as unwelcomed as possible

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This is probably my favorite selfie yet. I've been accused of looking a little model-like here, too. :D

So, here's a bit of an odd question:

Is it possible, as an individual user, to block an entire instance at once? 🤔

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I feel bad today because:
[ ] I have a headache
[ ] Work is annoying
[ ] I have a hangover
[X] The Vice President and Attorney General want me and people like me dead, and the President thanks it's good for his numbers.

USpol | LGBT | Just fucking depressing 

But he's going to be best Republican for LGBT folks ever right? Right?

TL;DR: The Trump administration is trying to regulate me and those like me out of existence, at least officially. Fuck them. Fuck them so hard.

Actually no. Don't fuck them. We need more of those stories about how impossible it is for conservatives to find dates these days. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

The worst part of a new phone is redoing a million 2fa tokens. @.@

So I like to think that I'm an aspiring pentester.

It'll likely never happen, but I like to think it.

So, I dug out my Pineapple (because everyone has one of those) to recommission it. First step: Update the firmware!

Version on device: 1.05
Current version: 2.4.1

...Okay, so I don't use this much/at all...

I tried to log into one of those "use it once a year" websites for which I'd forgotten the username, but had the password in my keepass. I was able to get my username via the normal process, but when I did it, it presented me with my password hint, which was...

"Check your keepass, ass."

Well, last year's me wasn't wrong.

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Trans stuff 

Added progesterone to my daily thing (once a day.) It's definitely already had a noticeable effect, which is pretty awesome, actually!

...Except for when I have to go into the office. Still not out there, but working from home and all, not as much pressure to do so anymore.

Trans stuff, birdsite. 

I've decided I've had enough of TERF bullcrap, so I've selected a new strategy.

Block carpet bombing.

With the help of an addon called Twitter Block Chain, I've taken to blocking people by the dozen; select a TERF account, go to followers, run block chain. Select a new follower from there, make sure it's a valid person, repeat.

Doesn't work on the really big accounts, but with the moderate to small accounts, it's satisfying. Practically relaxing.

Trans stuff 

Enter Progesterone! :D

Personal stuffs, rather than infosec stuff. 

Vacation time! Admittedly, it'll be something of a work vacation, but it'll be *my* work, rather than my job's work. :D

Time for some crackme's, and hopefully after tomorrow some elevated hormones.

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trans women are women, trans men are men, nonbinary ppl are whatever they want to be, and if you think differently find a different website

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