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I'm a software developer and systems admin. I like to keep an eye on infosec so I can help my team and company build better tools

I must have signed up on at one time, because now I’m getting fb style ‘we miss you’ email now.

@directhex Whatever happened to your crossposting alarms? They're just question marks now.

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potentially dystopian video game idea I dunno Show more

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UofAlberta is hiring an IT security analyst, posting here:

I doubt anybody I 'know' here would be interested, but I thought I'd pass it along anyway. The team lead there seems like a good human being and the pay seems reasonable for a job like that in the City of Champions.

Been sharing Mastodon links with my daughter for a while now (Safari->Copy Link->Messages) and she finally got around to commenting that the time was wrong...

she was getting the timestamp that I copied and not the actual link itself for months now.

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The air hurts my face. Just not nearly as much as when I shaved.

I was just forced to go through a mastodon tutorial. Why?

Oops, I did it again. updated without familiarizing myself with all the steps for a major system upgrade.

Oh man, Acorn threw a fit at me trying to smudge a photo from my iPhone. Going to guess that it had trouble with the image being on an external monitor.

Learned the rules for owning lock picks in Alberta. Bring them into the house and leave them there.

Or, do two years of apprenticeship, have a criminal record check and fingerprints on file. I don't really have time for the apprenticeship, but the other two are easy. I had to get those all the time when volunteering.

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I think it's beautiful how imperfections make art. Software developers work really hard to add imperfections to art programs and CGI, because humans can sense when something is too perfect; we're made uncomfortable by it.

We love the grit and grain of the page and the graphite. The rough and irregular edges of ink and chalk. The imprecision of the human hand.

Don't be perfect. Be you. That's what people want. That's art.

Was playing a bit of Fallout 4 around my 10 year old this weekend. Mostly looting stuff.

He asked if that's how lock picking actually works (turn the bobby pin to the right spot turn the lock with a screwdriver). So I started digging into the links I've collected from the likes of @tinker and @deviantollam to show him how picking actually works. I think I should pick up a beginner set for us to learn with.

Maybe I should have taken a vacation sooner... now it's cool and rainy

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Still using RSA for OpenSSH authentication?

You should read:

tl;dr: OpenSSH uses by default the md5 hash of your password to encrypt the id_rsa private key.

Good news, you can fix it by running this command (with -o it uses the improved key-format):
ssh-keygen -o -p -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Or even better, generate a new ed25519 key (they use the improved key-format by default):
ssh-keygen -t ed25519

Thanks @amenthes for pointing me to the article!

#openssh #infosec #linux

A cow peed on my car this morning.

While I was driving down the highway.

How's your day going?

watching a developer get frustrated with a security feature of an OS he doesn't use and ask how to disable all security instead of learning how the feature works. 😞

@pamela @kurtm Y'know, everytime I see Pamela talk about mturk, I read that as kurtm in reverse. It was confusing at first. 😂

closed the tab and now it's working again. wonder what broke.

Neat. can no longer scroll in mastodon. all the other tabs in Safari scroll just fine. not this one

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