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I'm a software developer and systems admin. I like to keep an eye on infosec so I can help my team and company build better tools

Taking the time to learn some things today (ZFS). Now stalled at trying to figure out how FreeBSD includes SCSI support.

Hey! I was reading that when you deleted it.

Man Books has some weird ideas on how to use titles. I have two FreeBSD Mastery books in my library without covers. It seems that Books says everything after the colon is optional and more than three words is too much for iOS... I had to rename them to distinguish between the ZFS and Jails books.

i managed to get myself stuck in vi today. on account of i’m using an iPad Pro with a Logi Slim Folio Pro keyboard that doesn’t have a physical Esc key. Plus Azure Cloudshell doesn’t appear to support Ctrl+Z.

I’m sure I saw a key combo for Esc at one point, but I can’t remember it and Logi’s documents/support is no help at all.

@mwlucas what's the best place for me to buy your ebooks that gives you the most?

well, things look like they're working post upgrade. I don't get to try out sidecar because my MBP _just_ missed the cut.

Alright, let's try this SuperDuper! Smart Backup again... without the OneDrive apps running.

I want to go from backing up my files to upgrading the OS without having to repair stuff.

Geez. SuperDuper! backup took six hours and managed to completely reset my OneDrive configurations.

Ran out of disk space because my accounts thought they needed to sync *everything* again.

Backing up the MacBook before upgrading. OS has crashed once. I may throw everything into cloud disks if this doesn’t work.

I forgot to throw out some old book boxes. Computer books from 20 years ago do not age well.

Spent the afternoon in the mountains out of cell service range. Cold, Windy, and completely awesome.

Installed Netflix on a new device and signed into my account. Then received a phishing SMS message saying my account was on hold... didn't see the message until much later because I was too busy watching movies on my held account.

Oh neat. Citrix SSO on macOS is asking me for permission to access my root directory. Nowhere in the release notes is this new requirement mentioned.

oh wow... signed out of the xbox app on ios and I'm still getting notifications as if I was signed in.

uh oh, I'm looking at window managers. I'd forgotten how tweakable bsd can be

Got me a Farrago, now to find me some royalty free sound clips to goof off with.

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