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I was busy keeping the internet safe while crypto apparently imploded today. Did it take NFTs down with it? <one can hope>

google is not at all helpful in finding how to keep working (from home) with covid symptoms. Yes, I know to stay away from others. I need to know how to be upright for webex. any hints?

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this is a silly question, but if radio waves are oscillations of electromagnetic fields, where do those fields come from? do they travel together with the wave?

The good news is that it’s easy to tell you’ve been pwnt.

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Lacie (the dog in the pic) loves to lay out on the balcony. After she eats each meal, she begs to take one of her stuffed animals and lay out and listen to the sounds and smell the smells. There’s a pool deck 3 floors below our balcony and so lots of activity - she likes to listen to people talk and kids run.

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Seems like datacenter/cloud providers are missing an opportunity to capitalize on the alternative medicine craze. “Server: $100/month. Healing crystal hung on the front of the server: +$3/month.”

I’ve installed clamAV on the server to prevent the spread of Covid to other fediverse members. Thanks to @paco for the recommendation

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If you're serious about security, you need this book:

"A Million Random Digits With 100,000 Normal Deviates"

Hardcover – March 1, 1955

Only US$755.63. Be sure to read the reviews.

Suddenly developed a nasty cough. Must be something going around…

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Quick pupdate: lacie is apparently unaware that she’s unwell. Still going for walks and whatnot. I can tell her legs are bothering her - vet thinks they likely feel numb from time to time, causing her to bite at them. I’m cutting my beach time short so she can get a CT scan and biopsy on May 23.

She’s on a few different pain killers to ensure she’s not suffering. It’s hard to tell whether they’re doing anything to help - the symptoms she exhibits are super subtle. Hoping for a good outcome.

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When driving to my son’s graduation on Saturday, I passed a small cemetery on the side of a road in a small town. Amongst the headstones was a commercial size trash can.

I mentioned to my kids that I suspect my headstone will be a trash can like that. My oldest said “no, that’s inappropriate for you. It would be a dumpster”. My youngest added “and there would be an eternal fire inside, like the unknown soldier, but to commemorate your life with an eternal dumpster fire”.

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