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Mitigating Web Shells

This repository houses a number of tools and signatures to help defend networks against web shell malware. More information about web shells and the analytics used by the tools here is available in NSA and ASD web shell mitigation guidance Detect and Prevent Web Shell Malware.

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I'm hiring two Principal Security Researchers to join my Applied Research Team at Veracode. One focused on application static analysis and auto-remediation, one focused on dynamic analysis of web apps and web APIs.

My team is fully remote always (we have team members in EU, UK, US so far), great support for education (including attending conferences), pursuing your own projects, flexible scheduling, etc.

Boosts appreciated!

More info:

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YAML configs for:

1. NSA Events to Monitor List

2. Events from the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 Security auditing and monitoring reference

3. Exploit protection events based on attack surface reduction events

And, which Windows auditing events require failure and success logging?


I have a few more to share next week.

I did not have on my bingo card “Wall Street traders monitor Reddit memes for clues to next breakout stock”

In other news, This is going to be my bug out spot soon.

Not very good for a bugout spot, but it does have a nice view.

Forgot to announce that the upgrade completed successfully. Currently pruning preview cards and old remote media - freed up >150GB so far 😅

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Upgrading to Mastodon 3.3.0. Hold on to your hats...

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Shifting Cloud Security Left — Scanning Infrastructure as Code for Security Issues

Nice overview of a number of tools (Checkov, Regula, Terraform-compliance, Terrascan, tfsec) with examples of custom check writing and more.

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us pol 

Dept of State says that Trump's term ends tonight at 7:49PM. Definitely a defaced website, but we can dream.

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I have to say, whatever they did has made the server very snappy. Pretty happy. So far.

...and we’re back. Hosting company moved us to a new server and it took about 10x longer than expected.

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I've started up a new called EliteCast. It's aimed at business leaders and decision-makers who want to understand the importance of without all the technical jargon. The first episode is a bit rough, IMO, but I'll get back into the groove soon.

Spotify link as I wait for Apple to approve my listing:

Thanks, and I hope you all enjoy it!

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Infosec certs are not just about showing employers or the community/world at large that you have knowledge. They can help one feel like they actually do know things and can contribute. This is what happened for me.
I think it is time that certs stop getting such a bad rap.

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Tell me whom to follow here. Planning to stick here longer this time.

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So if someone made a podcast about security that's aimed at the C-Level, would you listen to it? Not the usual deep, technical, jargon but rather aimed at executives. No news, just best practices.

Please boost for maximum coverage.

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Anyone else working on the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge? (link below) I've gotten through 4 of the objectives so far and a handful of terminal challenges but it'd be fun to group up and meet some other people.

Also thanks again to @gangrif for pointing it out to me! I appreciate it!

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