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What are the coolest arduino projects you ever seen ?

⚠️Multiple products use weak encryption cipher and hardcoded cryptographic keys to communicate with cloud services. ⚠️

If you use Fortinet's services check this blog and update ASAP.

If you are a SIEM user/engineer, what do you use to track changes to rules, especially documenting your tuning efforts ?

I am caught in a vortex of YouTube videos about turning tree stumps into vases on a lathe. Send help.

I'll publish two blog posts on Kaspersky vulnerabilities this week, first one is now up. Here I demonstrate hijacking communication channels that the "Web Protect" component uses to communicate with the antivirus application.

How is it that I'm only now, after 25 years in this space, finding out about Project Xanadu?!


I'm looking to commission at least one peice of artwork, preferably from someone on the Fediverse. Bitcoin is the preferred payment method.

DMs open. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Passed my on Friday. Is it worthwhile for me to post how I studied?

Looks like bitcoin is on sale for Black Friday too.

Hello out there!
Without wanting to start a discussion about the sense of use, I have a question.
"In the past", comodo had free S/MIME certificates for private use.
Their ROOT CA was trusted across many operating systems.
Is there still a similar, free alternative for private use today? Ideally with certificates that are valid for 1 year and longer?

10 years ago launched the Shodan website! To celebrate a decade of discovery and growth we're going to offer the membership for $1 (marked down from $49) for the next 24 hours (0:00 UTC to 24:00 UTC):

"Not all cybercriminals are evil geniuses" - my talk from in Dublin this week.

Thanks to everyone who came along to see me speak - it was great fun.

In the latest "Smashing Security" podcast: A bank has some of the worst password advice ever, travellers are told to be wary when USB charging their smartphones and laptops, and a gamer has his YouTube account hacked.

Today is my birthday. 🎈

I would love it if you could post your favourite comic in the thread. Bonus points for geeky comic strips.

TIL what iatrophobia is. Hopefully it is not permanent. I’ll know tomorrow.

Almost everyone I’m following here has been idle for ages too. Who to follow?

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