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Johannesburg refused to pay the 4 bitcoins ransom after a attack.
Services, including the city’s website, electronic services, and billing system went offline. These systems have not been restored to this day.

I'm trying to add a little bit more content to my Mastodon timeline.
Which accounts can you recommend to follow?
I'm interested in diversity in tech, software engineering, JVM (Java, Kotlin), DevOps/SRE, engineering management topics.

Y’all: I just got the senior discount at a restaurant. Without asking. What is happening to me?

New episode:

I'm very fortunate to snag some of Tanya Janca's time to talk about her new venture, Security Sidekick!

Hopefully this is as bad as it gets for BlueKeep

"It seems likely that a low-level actor scanned the Internet and opportunistically infected vulnerable hosts using out-of-the-box penetration testing utilities."

@jerry In addition:

"Live worm analysis globally in real time, thanks to folks like Marcus & Kevin.
This exchange would have been in violation of Wassenaar export rules if we hadn’t gotten exemptions for incident response.
This is why I get so nervous when media repeats a “regulate everything” trope."

Looks like there is finally a BlueKeep worm in the wild.

Just found out that Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) is moving in a few neighborhoods over from me. Should be good times.

Yo, people (and 🤖🤖🤖)! What are your favourite to follow on ? Show some love and recommend your pick for "Most Awesomest /#photographer/#painter/#digitalartist" etc.

I've learned a lot covering infosec and reviewing security products over the last seven years, but I think I've learned the most since I joined up here at

Thanks, y'all.

What's the problem with IoT-enabled pet feeders? Can hacking ever be illustrated without a hoodie? And just how are landlords snooping upon their tenants?

All this and more is covered in the latest "Smashing Security" podcast, with out special guest
technology broadcaster David McClelland.

Oh, and for some reason, Carole wants to talk about waterbeds...

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