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There will be media missing from for a *FEW WEEKS* while it copies from Wasabi.

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I seriously don't get the memery hype behind "Windows Bad, Linux Good". Each can use their preferred operating system as long as it does the job for them. The last thing we needed were some skiddies making this a trend

Ok. is back up. It took much longer than I expected for two reasons:
1. glitch social has a bug that caused me to have to back everything out and start over - hopefully I can try glitch again in the near future.
2. my wife decided to clean the carpets, and our carpet cleaner died, which took precedent

Ok friends. I'm starting the migration now - about 30 minutes early. Changing DNS first to get that out there. Things are going to look hosed for a few hours. See you on the other side.

Good lord. The transfers is down to 14KBps

Just did some quick math - at the current transfer rate, it'll take 43 days to complete. I believe I will let it do what it can overnight and proceed with the migration, which will result in some media being missing from the page for, well, 43 days. I can't leave it like this, though.

It’s really clear that Wasabi was not intended for this kind of workload. Disappointing, but not surprising given the relatively low cost.

In any event, I bought a new VPS and will be moving the media back to the local system. I will eventually need to regime media again, and will be looking at Digital Ocean, which apparently has a CDN in front of their object storage.

For the nerds, the new system has 32GB I’d ram and 8 vCPUs on a 128 core Xeon system with 320GB of nvme SSD. It is pretty fast. This host tends to oversubscribe, so it’ll get slower over time, I suspect.

No wonder media feels so painfully slow to load. Coincidentally, an account executive at Wasabi just emailed me asking how much data I expect to upload through the end of the year. I used that opportunity to tell her my thoughts on the service.

Also, it’s been running for 10 minutes and has transferred 39MB out of 120GB. Wtf

Crazy. I am syncing the ~120GB of media files in Wasabi to the new server and it is transferring at about 28KB/s. This could take years. Wasabi is like the roach motel for data.

/// Downtime Alert///

Plan for the server to be down from 8am eastern to noon eastern - depends on how fast the tubes are tomorrow.

I will be moving to a new server, as well as moving off of Wasabi (which seemed like a great idea at the time), and applying the glitch social extensions. The new server will not have an IPv6 address. There may be some DNS propagation delays too, but will try to mitigate that.

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I just blogged: "Information security resources for laypeople". Please share this with your non tech/infosec family and friends.

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I like mastodon more than the other places because y'all actually reply to stuff and engage in interesting conversations.

If I were better at social media, I'd participate a lot more than one or two Saturday's a month 😂.

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Converting Windows EventLog to Syslog

Learn all about the different formats - BSD, IETF, Snare as well as the Syslog extensions (LEEF, CEF, JSON over Syslog)

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If you have the opportunity to make something beautiful, but it will influence a subset of those who consume it into doing horrible things, is it wrong to create it?

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This is a great series by
about internet security basics. Very easy to understand for non security/tech people

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It's Happening!!!

The @PINE64
Dev Pre-order is live!

This, along w/ the @purism progress, mean that we now have two very solid avenues for Open Sourced Hardware Phones that are geared to run FOSS Linux (Not Android!) OS's!

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So I am curious:

Do you know of good representations of error correcting codes ? Or general mathematics?

I would love to see what people do to visualize math

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Should Google really be helping the FBI with a bank robbery? What's the story behind the Twitter CEO claiming there's a bomb in their offices? And how much does your car really know about you?

All this and more on the latest episode of the award-winning "Smashing Security" podcast!

I’ve got to find a better service than Wasabi for media hosting. It’s just awful. Maybe I’ll give Digital Ocean a shot - Lots of good recommendations for them.

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