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So yeah, I hosed up the title on that new podcast post.

Challenging week ahead for me. See y’all on the other side. 👾

Popular WordPress Plugin WPML Hacked By Angry Former Employee

The doctorow account is tooting about the incident involving the native american vet and the MAGA-hat wearing kids - but recent videos pretty clearly depict a different version of events. I'm generally pretty opposed to what MAGA has come to represent, but it seems like this is propagating anger directed at people and a school where it is not called for...

seems like people who create websites are forgetting that page titles are still useful

how am i supposed to find a link i bookmarked earlier when i need it if the only thing its title is saying is "pleroma" or "x's blog"? and if someone shares it in a messenger, the preview will not tell them anything

please, set titles to something reasonable. i love how mastodon does it, an excerpt of a toot. and if your blog post has a title (most probably), why not use it.

Anyone other Mastodon instances that moved to 2.7.0 have a problem with viewing who “liked” a toot? We’re getting error 500 here.

#introductions Hello everyone!

I joined fosstodon because I have enjoyed Linux since #slackware in 1995 and am a firm believer in the benefits of the #opensource model from an #infosec point of view.

I’ve run Linux variants personally and professionally for over 20 years as well as many others. Most of my experience has been from an admin side but over the past 8 years more from the cyber defender aspects.

Other interests are drone videography and all things infosec.

A close second for thankless IT jobs is a firewall administrator.

In 2 years, I wonder what percentage of fediverse activity will NOT be porn-related. Porn seems to be growing at a much faster rate than anything else.

@jerry *in all the things. Dammit. I need to hire a toot proofreader.

@jerry and yes, I still run my own mail server, but have been slowly moving my personal domains to hosting providers.

If all the things I’ve done in IT over the past 30 years, the one I hate the most is running a mail server. It’s absolutely the worst, no win, everyone hates you, thankless job imaginable.

also, stumbled upon this one while searching:
and it seems to be what i wanted for a long time! a text diagram editor!

Idea: an always on alexa-style device that toots the text version of all conversations it hears in real time.

Looks like I'm the first on to appear in the new Mastodon 2.7 directory ✨

(There's a checkbox on your "edit profile" page if you want to be added)

Also, there was apparently about 30 minutes of downtime on yesterday evening (eastern time). I don’t know what happened - guessing my hosting provider had a hiccup. Their service has been getting progressively worse recently. But they are pretty inexpensive.

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