Just upgraded infosec.exchange to Mastodon 2.9.0. The UI seems a bit nicer.

@darrenpmeyer @leip4Ier I think that’s part of it, but part of me believes this guy is mostly doing it because he is mad at the fediverse for being pro feminism / anti-white guy and this is his way of rebelling.

@jerry and also, I have been married to an American women longer than I have not, and she’s twice the apparently max age. She is beyond awesome in every dimension. .

The “womenarestupid” spam seems like an interesting attack on mastodon. Looks like dozens, possibly hundreds of accounts created across many instances all posting the same thing.

Holy moly. Not sure what is up with @GloboHomos but that account is about to get zapped.

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Well, it's happening. I've been asked to start presenting to my senior leadership and eventually my board on security concerns within my org. What metrics do you guys share? I have a list (AV stats, phishing stats, training stats, details on pen test results and resolutions, vulnerability assessment results, etc).

What do you share with your leadership when it comes to security? Also looking for recommendations on reading materials or talks on this. ;-)

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Question to writers, especially long form (long poetry, books, graphic novels, etc):

What recommendations do you have for workflow and discipline?

I only have an hour and a half to spare each morning. It’s hard to get past that initial writer’s block. By the time I get going, it’s time to stop and I only have written 500 words.

I also only write once or twice a week.

Trying to get 2,000 words a day (within two hours). Trying to write every day.

@olihough86 obviously Jesus does his work through cryptocurrencies these days.

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Microsoft Releases Sysmon 10 With DNS Query Logging Feature

Microsoft has released Sysmon 10 today and with it comes the eagerly anticipated DNS Query Logging feature. This feature will allow Sysmon users to log DNS queries performed on a monitored computer, which will also include the executable that performed the query.

Microsoft Releases Sysmon 10 With DNS Query Logging Feature bleepingcomputer.com/news/micr

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@m4iler @bcl nah, to be really cool, you build an entire system in a socket container with your go executable inside it, then you upload that to docker hub and create a Slack instance to handle all the questions about why people can provision 1000 instances of your docket container through Kubernetes. Now that’s what the cool kids do these days.

@ITsecJ @ironmonkey I think that is a perfectly reasonable thing to do via AD. I’m not anti-AD. I’m anti-the way most people [mis]use AD.

@sillystring sad that I can’t play angry birds on my router.

@slh but at least the Facebook Portal did not laugh.

@bcl @m4iler go does seem to be all the rage these days. C is still a good, if incredibly complex, language.

@ITsecJ document your home network if it’s more than a router and cable modem. Put your drive encryption password is a vault with other passwords so someone can recover them if needed.

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