How the hell do you work out what other instances there are?!
I’m missing something.

@rudolf @ITsecJ one of the crazier aspects of the fediverse is the wide ranging conduct rules between instances. I suspect few instances have the same rules, so always going to be a challenge unless you only participate in one instance.

@whonose123 @bcl I’m actually not so worried about him. I’m worried about him taking care of the pets.

@smallsees I always assumed it was obvious to everyone else and I was just the slow one.

@bcl I built an oscilloscope then. He is not the nerd I was.

@m4iler @TheGibson @ryen it’s very difficult to maintain that amount of muscle mass AND have time left for hacking/sleeping/eating.

@m4iler @TheGibson @tinker @ryen it’s all good. This is the fun part. Getting the shell is just opening the door. The tools just help with automation - the magic comes in developing an intuition on where to look for common mistakes/misconfigurations/unpatched vulns (hint: no one patches local priv esc vulns, because YOLO)

@m4iler @TheGibson @tinker @ryen there are often privilege escalation vulnerabilities laying around - editable scripts that run as root, etc. take stock of the system, what is on it, etc, look for vulnerabilities. Get ya pwn on

Getting a bit apprehensive about leaving the teenager home alone for a week. I shouldn’t be, but I am.

@m4iler @TheGibson @tinker @ryen depends on what you want to do and what UID you are. If not root/system, tune to elevate! (If you can)

@TheGibson I have a feeling I’ll be on a conference call while riding it’s a small world for the 20th time

Pretty excited for this weekend. I get to take the first vacation alone with my wife in 19 years. To Disney Land 🙃

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