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Hackers Using 'Brute Ratel C4' Red-Teaming Tool to Evade Detection The Brute Ratel C4 (BRc4) red-teaming and adversarial attack simulation tool has been used by nation-state attackers to evade detection, according to security researchers at Palo Alto Networks.
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@0xmrtn @ScottMortimer here I am thinking the US phone companies are ripping people off. That is pretty incredible

@fedops for some reason, I keep hearing “execute order 66” when I think about this situation

Now that Poettering works for Microsoft, phase 3 is about to start: renaming systemd to svchost.exe

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This was posted in the 'meme' channel of my nerdy Discord server...and I was tagged.

It's true. This is me. The stare. The clenched fist. The half smile that's hiding the gritted teeth.

It me.

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Folks- if you know of any admins in the fedi plz mention them here for awareness.

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Question again, to the Hivemind, this time about blogging. For you, is blogging...

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#HatTip to @nolan for creating and maintaining a web app that's a joy to use. If you haven't tried using Pinafore with your Mastodon or Pleroma account, I highly recommend it!

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@minervissa odd. My son’s cat it super into bread right now. IIRC, it’s important for them to get enough protein and taurine, which may need to be supplemented

I saw this link in my feed earlier in the weekend and have been reading it off and on since:

I can’t find the original post, so can’t give credit. It’s a quite thorough assessment of alternative economic models (I.e., other than capitalism). I am not an economist, and not in love with capitalism though I do benefit considerably from it, as well as from limited elements of socialism that exist (fire fighting, roads, etc). I am a pragmatist, though, and most of these alternative ideals fall apart when considering how they would work writ large. I’ve not seen the obvious challenges with an alternative to capitalism hit head on, like the link above does.

Note, I think, at the end of the day, people are the problem and will crap up any -ism we conceive of. I remain skeptical, but I do aspire for humanity to get to the Star Trek level of existence some day, and that will require us jumping the chasm at some point.

Perhaps the hangup I have is the interface between an alternative model and capitalism (the articles above to speak to this a bit). It occurs to me that there has to be some radical disruption to the status quo to enable such a change - something like significantly energy positive nuclear fusion, or a catastrophe that dramatically reduces human population, or maybe colonizing another planet.
In any event, this is how I’m choosing to spend my insomnia energy tonight.

The front page of is in fully on fire about US gun violence tonight. I went to look for the story about Chicago being shut down because there’s 18 inches deep of bullet cases everywhere in the city.

@grumpysmiffy theoretically, that should work if you splice in some coax and used an antenna tuned for that band. Theoretically. It’s been a few decades since it tried things like that, and as I recall, I had mixed luck and usually ended up damaging things. But that may say more about me and my capabilities than the idea.

@askans after the initial install completes, it forwards to the admin site. That keeps bombing out, with too many redirects. I fussed with it for a bit and rules some things out but ran out of time. I’ll keep an eye on it as it would be nice to have something fediverse native. For now though, I can get Wordpress running in under about 5 minutes, including fediverse integration and podcast hosting capability

I gave castopod a shot for the new show and it's really not ready for prime time, so back to wordpress, which I know works.

Why, in 2022, with the collective knowledge of humanity accessible in our hands do people continue to believe in free energy, perpetual motion machines, the space hoax, and flat earth?

@CKsTechnologyNews seems like a clever way to make some magnets dance. It will not generate “free” energy, nor is it a perpetual motion machine.

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