Just finished first week in the new job - haven’t had much time to hang out here as a result. I am glad to have a job, though - I know many people that don’t.

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Udemy online course " for Penetration Testers" FREE with the coupon code FREEEDUCATION
Coupon code use by date: April 3rd 2020

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Coping with a lot personally, but meanwhile everyone be safe and stay sane. If you can muster it, it is a *hell* of a time to read and study, and do.

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Just to be clear.

Masks protect others from YOU. Not the other way around. And other than N95 masks, they are only effective for 15mins.

Those in grocery shops and food take out places wearing gloves. Gloves are a single use piece of equipment also. You cant wear the same gloves for hours on end. You contaminate them every time, you touch something - so you end up with a build up of different germs etc. Proper food safety, has them single use and washing hands with soap before and after gloves

@sidoyle yes, school has been impressive. The first week was pretty disorganized - most of the assignments were watching videos. Hard to blame them - the teachers had effectively zero notice.

@sidoyle it’s been difficult, though I am fortunate that I have my family around me still. How about you?

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How is social isolation working out for you, and yours?

@sillystring Comcast temporarily stopped charging for unlimited data too.

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Times are a bit rough right now, and at EliteSec we'd like to do our part to help. If you are a SMB with less than 250 employees, we are offering a flat-fee network scan to ensure your company's WFH setup is secure.


@djsundog would you believe I’ve been an ibm executive for several years?

@brnrd it is Softlayer plus the Bluemix PaaS business

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COVID19, pornhub 

And that is all I’ll say about work stuff. Carry on.

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I am happy to announce I was appointed VP and CISO of IBM Public Cloud today.

@marwis not yet. One of my next projects will be adding a door.

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