@ella_kane @feonixrift I should also mention that I never finished Uni. Too old now.

@ella_kane @feonixrift my oldest son just started his second year at Uni. When did you lose joy?

@ella_kane i think it’s like writing a book: the joy only comes after it’s over.

@stringlytyped a couple of thoughts:
1. Try a different network cable (I know it worked before, but I have chased ghost problems before that turned out to be a bad cable)
2. Make sure you install the nic/mobo vendor’s drivers
3. Make sure nothing else has the same IP. This has caused me major headaches like you are having.
4. Delete the network interface from device manager, reboot and let it detect/install again
5. Check event logs in Windows and on the USG for any signs of negotiation issues

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Hey all, just thought I'd share - Python programming bundle available from No Starch Press, check it out. For $8 I got ten books. I'm going to use Python to decode ciphers! I'm a fan of No Starch and it seems like a good deal


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So here's a /fun/ problem I'm having: after reinstalling Windows, the ethernet adapter on this PC doesn't work (well, it sort of does, but its so slow nothing ever loads). And not just the PCI card; I connected a USB adapter and it has the same issue!

Wi-Fi is totally fine (except that it disconnects from the network every once in a while—haven't tried to troubleshoot that yet)

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Tell me my Infosec peeps, where do you get your phishing templates from? OSINT research, part of a package (a la KnowBe4, etc.), your Spam folder, or something else? Looking to expand my sources a bit.

@dokuja @tek I assume they will change their name to “Awful Television & interneT”

@sillystring @seven I disagree. Apple knows exactly where you are at any given moment. Tim reminded me of this when I told him I thought the Samsung S10 looked sexy.

@nbering indeed. It would be terrible for that to happen to anyone, but she is a really nice person and her dogs are her kids.

@seven @sillystring Looks like it's a good time to buy apple stock now that we all have to throw away our iDevices and airpods to buy new ones once the bluetooth problem is fixed... (I assume they will call the replacement spec "browntooth")

@seven @sillystring It's true. Tim Cook calls me personally if it's been too long between major Apple purchases.

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