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Tell me:

What skills would you like to be better at and who is your "role model"?

@seeyouindisneyland i dunno, I get stuck for hours at a time watching videos of people turning stumps into bowls on a lathe.

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One of my favorite details of Mandalorian lore is that they culture milk, and when they do so they sell the solids but keep the leftover liquid

This is the whey

@ITsecJ “Hi I’m Jerry Bell”
“You know, @maliciouslink on twitter”
“The security llama guy”
“Ohhhh yeah, now I remember”

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How do you introduce yourself to people in a con/ environment?

Just your clear name, Just your handle or both?

Please RT for reach

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the new mastodon 3.0 move followers feature, does it work for all your followers or only those on mastodon >= 3.0?

@thombles apologies for the long delay in approving your account - I’ve had a *lot* of spambots attempting to register lately and yours got buried.

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I still Stick to changing people's background


I deleted a lot of code today. It’s such a great feeling! So liberating! And hopefully Mark will lock his laptop next time.


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@loke @Alonealastalovedalongthe @kungtotte @vilbi @kensanata big cities in the US typically have two distinct areas: extremely expensive and desirable, but generally unaffordable condos, apartments, and houses, and run-down, low income, high crime areas. People in the US often do want to live in the former (but can’t afford to do so), but not in the latter.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @loke @kungtotte @vilbi @kensanata it’s mostly classism where I’m at (many of my neighbors are PoC, so the racism thing didn’t work out so well here, it seems). Where i grew up in Michigan, that was certainly true - i was a teenager before I met a PoC.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @loke @kungtotte @vilbi @kensanata where I live, there is a lot of FUD thrown around about undesirables without cars taking the bus from the inner city war zone our to our wonderful suburbs for the purpose of robbing us and sleeping on our driveways. That has severely limited the interconnectedness of regional bus service (at least here in ATL)

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Oh my i had forgotten about this...looking at my small Reddit history...guess i need to remember this moment...

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