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I'm a Sr Engineer at CrowdStrike to threat model and assess cloud applications, and work with software engineers to improve designs and implementations. Remote-first company. North America preferred, but other locales are possible.


@phoneboy @chidgey I stopped using facebook about 5 years ago, and I'm signing into twitter less and less. Even the infosec circles in twitter are too much to deal with.

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Anyone have any podcast recommendations?

@seb it’s worth checking whether those toots are set to be local instance only - is so, the relay wouldn’t help. I know runs a custom version of mastodon that has additional options for keeping toots on the local instance

@seb thanks. If we wanted to partition off from the rest of the fediverse, that might be useful, but generally all of our instances will appear on each other’s federated timelines. It would be an interesting feature for the fediverse to create a “local group” feed that sits between the local and federated TLs, and consists of a curated list of other instances

And we're back. Had to nuke mastodon and ruby and completely reinstall. took some time.

@ddench I feel like I fell into a time warp and lost a year

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@drahflow GDPR doesn’t preclude that, but even encrypted, you have to disclose that backblaze is a data processor

@superruserr congrats on the new job. I’ll be continuing to figure out how to be a better CISO for the next 8 months (and likely beyond)

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Everything is fake now and we seem weirdly okay with it

Jerry Bell boosted Here is another shout in the void! Hope you enjoy it and roast me for all the places where I'm wrong (seriously, I want this to be correct and if I'm not, it's worthless).

Also, thanks @jerry for providing me a lovely quote!

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