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I'm a developer looking to get into pentesting. I've played around on a bit but is this worth my time or are there better resources?

@maxeddy I am still predicting that the internet was a fad that will go away soon. I mean, sure I’ve been wrong 25 times now, but sooner or later, I’ll be right.

@maxeddy eventually they’ll be right, I suppose. Then they will look like geniuses

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I hope everyone is well. I feel like it’s been forever since I spent much time here 😕

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Buying my dad a PocketBook.


a) cheaper
b) not bound to Amazon (which he doesn't need anyway, he reads in Czech)

Any pocketbook owners got any advice/tips for setup so that he can pick it up day1?

Boosts welcome

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@feld in any other context, I would be pretty sure that is fake, but here we are

looking at the sidekiq logs on this instance is always so enlightening. Like now, for instance, I can see that the instance "" appears to be offline and the instance "" is, well, having some issues.

@sillystring @ScottMortimer thanks for that - I have been pruning old remote media all along, but wasn’t aware of this.

At the current speed, it'll take about another 36 hours to finish rsyncing the tens of millions of media files from the old server to the new server. Thanks for the patience. Everything should be working otherwise. Speed seems much better. For now.

And we’re back on a new server. It’s temporary while I find a reasonably priced permanent home for A raspberry pi with an old SD card runs circles around SSDNODES disk I/O.

I am going to be migrating to a new server. We will be back later today. My apologies for the downtime.

@sillystring @ScottMortimermy apologies. I will take a look at moving to DO

@ScottMortimer @sillystring yes. It’s back to being very sluggish. Once upon a time, their service was quite good. It is good if the workload doesn’t require much CPU or disk I/O, which mastodon is a heavy user of both

@ScottMortimer @sillystring well, I logged into the server no found apt-get show-updates had been burning out a CPU core for some unknown amount of time. Seems a little snappier. I still need to find a new host. Pretty sure I have a raspberry pi that is faster than this server has been recently.

@ScottMortimer @sillystring the server I’m running in is hella oversubscribed - I am going to need to find a new host soon.

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Who lying more at this very moment?

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