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This is non-infosec related. If you have 5 minutes to spare, please consider taking this anonymous survey. A friend of mine is working with a non-profit who is building a social media platform around compassion and positivity. They need some anonymous feedback on the topic. Please participate if you can and share if you see fit. Thank you.

@ScottMortimer been really ill. (Not covid, which I guess is good). On the mend now, though.

Finally feeling almost well enough to post a late pic. Be well my friends.

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At checkout, use voucher code #StaySafeHome and the 500£ order goes to 0£.

Looks really nice! And for free? HOT DAMN


Cc: @thegibson @ryen @c0debabe @Anarkat @montagsoup @socketwench @jerry @JohnsNotHere

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hey fedizens, i built something useless!


it shows you the list of fediverse instances that fetched the link (only mastodon and pleroma supported for now). you can generate your own link and post it, too.

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how do companies that offer notifications about new homograph domains work? i at first thought it's easy, but then read about how zero-width characters are also supported, and now can't think of anything that'd work reliably. could monitor certificate transparency logs, but that only works if scammers get a tls certificate (though it's likely).

@sillystring @vulpe I interpreted (maybe incorrectly) the comment as “someday, we will have advanced past our current deadly racial issues and be able to focus on Alllivesmatter like some people try to today, but we can’t do that so long as we have to say blacklivesmatter. Or maybe I’m just really really tired.

I hope i live long enough to see the day we will no longer have to say

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Following a legal threat from ███████ ████ I have removed their name from this article on my site:

I hope readers will accept my apologies for what is clearly unsatisfactory, but I can ill-afford to get embroiled in a legal fight.

@SandPaper congrats on the new job. I recently got a new one too, and so haven’t been around as much as I should be

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I wonder whether we will see trolls start trying to weaponize today’s executive order against mastodon instances that “suppress” free speech?

Not sure why he got so upset at Twitter. I mean, Gab would probably let him edit other people’s posts.

USPol, Potential Pres Action re Twitter 

@maxeddy well, Mastodon is largely socialist, so I think Trump would count that as a win

USPol, Potential Pres Action re Twitter 

@maxeddy certainly no way for this to backfire.

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