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@balibebas strange. So mastlab was not compatible with the previous version of Mastodon?

@nbering @paco a significant element of the charges against Marcus was not only that he wrote Kronos, but sold is with the knowledge of how it would be used. I don’t think there is a good metaphor in the physical world - for example creating and selling lock picks (or a gun) could result in someone using them to rob a bank. But that is not how those items are intended to be used. A banking Trojan, by contrast, has basically one purpose: committing bank fraud.

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Thinking about the case of Marcus Hutchins (@MalwareTech) who just plead guilty to writing banking Trojans. Wanted to do a poll to get people's opinions about that. Personally, I think that even if he did write the malware, it was so long ago and he seems to have made changes in his life that it seems a bit much to have held him in the US this long.

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Yay, looks like .exchange got upgraded to the most recent version. We now have the right (or capability) to vote! Do you find this....

@JohnsNotHere @m4iler @TheGibson @entreprelife my house, at times, is home is a LOT of devices spread out over 3 floors and 500 sq meters. So I opted for the HD access points, but I have colleagues with the UAP AC pro or LR and get on just fine. I would recommend getting the router (USG), a switch (USW 8 60w) and two UAP AC Pros or LRs

@TheGibson @m4iler @entreprelife my in-laws were here last weekend. I was bored out of my mind and created a whole set of VLANs and moved network devices to those vlans from my phone while on the couch listening to complaints about back aches.

@entreprelife @m4iler my house had phone drops wired throughout. It was built pre-crazy internet time, but they did use cat 5 for the phone line runs. So I use that.

Their APs will work as a mesh just fine, though, with no cable uplink. Of course, that adds some latency and ties up some airtime.

@m4iler @entreprelife if you have an phone, a tablet, and a laptop in a small apartment, I wouldn’t bother. But if you have a house of any size and a herd of devices to connect, it’s really good stuff.

@m4iler @entreprelife
Expandability: not many other consumer priced WiFi gear has the ability to add access points that aren’t also routers. I have 4 APs around my house now and can add more if needed for a marginal cost. Oh and they are PoE powered.
Manageability: this is hard to explain. Creating vlans that extend all the way to a WiFi ssid is trivial. I can turn networks ports on or off or create vlans or reboot APs from my phone. I am not doing this justice.
Last, is just works.

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Next TurkuSec meetup will be on 25th April! We'll 3 amazing speakers from the security industry. Drinks and snacks will be provided. The event is powered by Arctic Security Oy!

Check out details and join us:

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