I am quite excited that I now own the place I took this picture from. And get to visit it this week. πŸ„πŸŒž

Happy from my old friend, Thor ❀️🐈 ❀️

Back at my happy place. Hoping to buy a condo here soon.

Anyhow, we pulled into the parking lot and she knew what was up. She hadn’t eaten since yesterday and we went for an early morning drive to the vet. She panicked. I had to perform a complex dog extraction procedure. It started out pretty graceful, and ended like a pro wrestling match gone bad.

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She really hates going to to vet. Always has. Way back when we were allowed to go into the vet, she would sit in the chairs for pet owners during the exam. I think she assumed this trick the vet into not touching her.

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My best friend is getting a cancerous tumor removed right now. Please think good thoughts for her.

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