I love that I can pet her and make her fall asleep almost any time

Big increase in fediverse users today... apparently largely from something happening with twitter users from .



All this time, we just needed a VPN. It is sooooooooooo obvious in retrospect.

Good news: Apollo has recovered pretty well. He requires twice daily insulin shots and is on prescription food for his kidney issues, but he acts about 5 years younger (he’s about 14). He’s playful, cruises around the house, fights with his brother, and so on. Really glad we have him another chance.
(He just came up next to me, laid down, and went to sleep) ❤️

Apollo update:

It’s been a taxing few weeks. He has kidney disease, low potassium, and diabetes. He lost 7 pounds in about 2 months (but is probably still considered overweight). Getting him to eat again was difficult, but I think we have everything under control now. He’s regained his appetite, has his glucose under control as is his kidney disease. He loves to bunt (head butt over and over). He probably only has a few years left, but that’s pretty good for a 14 year old cat.

I guess it’s not going amazingly well today. Hopefully the Gab AI investors are not too upset by this news.

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