My oldest son’s GF is heading back to uni today and taking Eevee (cat on left) with her. My cat, Thor, was just getting used to having her around. This is them hanging out on our deck together in a pop up screen cat tent.

The fire department brought out a truck for the neighborhood kids to crawl around on. My dog was quite excited, too.

Spent the long weekend cleaning and installing sound absorbing panels. Ran out of adhesive to finish the far wall. The other side of the room is too terrible to take a picture of at the moment.

In case you’ve ever wondered what the RSA conference does with its attendee lists

Been playing with dall-e. It can generate some creepy stuff. But also some amazing stuff.

The sort of family chat that happens when your son works at a baseball stadium

My last day at the beach 😕

Still here for a few more days but back to work tomorrow. Was a good mini-vacation

This thing is hitting me hard. Drinking on an empty stomach makes me a cheap date

Took my family to make custom charcuterie boards for the 21st anniversary of my wife’s 29th birthday. Was pretty fun. My family made very nice looking boards in a wavy beach theme. Mine came out looking like a sickly Jupiter.

Here is Eevee stalking my cat, Thor. Thor weighs 5x what Eevee weighs and basically doesn’t care much what Eevee does. Unless it involves food. Then Eevee has a problem.

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Thinking about dev pipeline security when I should be in the water

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