Patreon apparently decided that because it’s been 7 years since their last data breach that the security team is just dead weight. I mean, if there’s no breaches happening, why spend the money on security, right?


Patreon users and (especially) creators would do well to separate their Patreon finances from their main ones and to keep as little money there as possible. Also, remember that credit card numbers are much safer to give out than debit cards or direct deposit information.

@jerry shit, and I was about to make an account for one specific dude/his newsletter. Can you use one of those disposable visa cards with it by chance? I'd have no problem renewing that say, once a year-ish.

@ArcaneSlime @jerry

I have a merchant-linked card for my supporter account.

@ArcaneSlime I’m pretty sure you can do that. I think this is going to be much more of a problem for creators who collect money from patrons than it will be for the patrons themselves. We (the creators) stand to lose the money they’ve collected and disenfranchising our patrons - and some people count on that income.

@jerry ok cool thanks, I'll give it a shot. And yeah, it definitely sucks for the creators a lot more.

@ArcaneSlime @jerry Just make sure it's something like Privacy that (now) uses a card that won't be mistaken for a pre-paid card.

Patreon will delete your account and possibly permanently ban you if you look even a little like fraud, which means no prepaid or VPNs.

@madebyfoxes @jerry No VPN?! That is fucking bullshit! Just *gotta* make sure you can track everyone and sell their data huh? Can't have privacy, no sir-ee, that would be dangerous! Unlike firing your security team, that is perfectly safe. Welp. Guess I'm not doing that then.

@jerry Thanks. I just unlaunched my creator page for which I haven't produced content for a while.

@jerry **sits back, grabs popcorn and waits for the announcement patreon has been hacked and it's users credit card details are up for sale**

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