Before walks, I get to warm up her back hips now.

Also learned that walking with a harness, while seemingly much more humane, is terrible for her back and hips.

Did you choose a harness due to pulling/choking ? (I had a beagle that would damn near choke himself out because SMELLS SMELLS EVERYWHERE MUST PURSUE THE SMELLS!!!)
Use a prong collar instead, it actually works. But you need to size it appropriately.

It does not hurt them like it appears which is what I always thought. It pinches folds of skin on the neck and allegedly provides a sensation similar to a mother carrying a pup. (But who really knows?)

Big prongs are not needed for big dogs. They're for long thick fur. Most people get it wrong and think "durrr I have a pitbull so I need this gigantic prong collar" and of course it doesn't do what it's meant to

Prong collars are "power steering for dogs" as they say and they will not pull with it on. Takes very little time for them to figure it out.

I've tried harness, chokers, military style giant Velcro collars with parachute clasps, shock collars (oh dear these are horribly abused and should be banned) -- p much everything.

The prongs are magical.
Your old pup there probably doesn't need to learn a new collar and can't really pull much anyway, but it's worth keeping in mind for future furry family members

Hope yours has many good senior years left 🤞
She wants to work Jerry! No time for retirement! :laugh:

@feld that has been the entertaining part of this physical therapy adventure. By looking at her MRI and X-rays, she would (apparently) appear to have trouble getting around. But she is a damn race horse. A race horse with some hip issues apparently.

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