I was on a conference call with a bunch of execs yesterday and person was presenting some improvements her team made to a pretty unpopular but very important compliance program. I don’t know what made me do it - it’s not something I do often, but I interrupted the end of the call and thanked this person for the hard work and improvements she’s made to the program. Then the call ended.

Her VP, who was on the call, slacked me later telling me that my comment made a huge impact on the employee, who had been struggling with the mission (and how unpopular it is).

It took me maybe 15 seconds to turn this person’s view around. It’s something that I lost perspective on. I try to be kind in all my interactions, but don’t often do what I did there.

It reminds me about the importance to recognize the little things and little wins and the power of public praise.

Anyhow, I share this with a request: say something supportive/kind to someone tomorrow. I will try to keep doing it too.

@jerry cool thing about praise is that it makes you feel good even if the praising person is clearly lying :blobaww:

If at the end of the call everyone thanks you and telling you did a great job - you feel good even if you know all of them don't care at all. It's like a reflex.

In a corporation this effect is amplified by the seniority of people praising you.

The individual impact has it's differences probably depending on the childhood experiences, but still...

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