In case you’ve ever wondered what the RSA conference does with its attendee lists

@1ll173r47 @jerry nah, actually, plenty of conferences that do not screw with attendee's personal data. Different hacker cons are one big set of those.

We should really stop with these "boys will be boys" "everybody does it" excuses.

@jerry I guess nobody at marketing knew that this is how you get email bombs!

@jerry sounds like a great opportunity to find out how much exactly they value your privacy. Is $0.1 per person? $1? $10?

@jerry I get sooooo sick of the junk that gets spammed at me for ages after conferences.. I Just ignore them as they become increasingly desperate. Then they ring & I have the receptionists trained to always tell them I will call them back when I can, then they try to followup the call with an email etc.etc. .. It usually takes 3 Months after any conference for it to settle down... Then there is the NEXT conference .. LOL

@jerry Selling its attendee lists are maybe a fifth of its revenue.

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