Let me be very clear: Safe, free and legal abortion is a fundamental right that is much bigger an issue than „choice“. A society that allows the cruelty of forced birth is not a free society. Not for anyone with a womb. Not for men either. This fight is a collective one.

@malteengeler I disagree strongly with the ruling, but given the court’s decision, is it still correct to call abortion (or more general, bodily autonomy) a “right”?

Human rights are "unalienable", as the US constituation so nicely puts it.
That means it is right to protect them and wrong to deny them, independent of whether they are denied by law or inspite of it.

@Mr_Teatime @malteengeler
The inalienable rights are expressly enumerated as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Unfortunately it isn’t what we, the layperson, think it should be. The body charged with interpreting what those rights are just excluded abortion.

You agree it’s wrong, I agree it’s wrong, but knowing it’s wrong will be little solace to the woman sitting in a prison cell. Our interpretation of rights don’t count for a hill of beans in the legal system.

My toot was meant to justify to continue calling abortion a right.
Because fundamental rights are defended (or not...) by law, not defined.

It's still a right because it's the right thing to do. If I was in North Korea, I'd still be calling free speech a "right", too.

This is about justice, and the decision of law to deny it.


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