Been thinking about moving to the fork of mastodon. Any feedback pro/con?

@jerry What's the feature you are looking forward to the most?

@TheGibson @seb the migration was pretty painless. took maybe 2 minutes...

@jerry @thegibson @seb What message length limit did you choose? The admin of my instances picked 2500, which is fine but I've actually exceeded that a few times.

@loke @TheGibson @seb 1000 at the moment. seems like that might not be enough for some...

@TheGibson @loke @seb had any issues with it being so large? (mainly thinking opportunities for abuse, etc)

@TheGibson @loke @seb if I had a nickel for every time I heard that phrase...

@thegibson @jerry @loke @seb I hear this in Meatloaf’s voice, which is likely not what you were going for.

@jerry @thegibson @seb Someone it going to post an 11k long message with nothing but emojis now?

@seb longer posts, threaded views, and instance only posts

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