Finally got fed up with macOS on my mid-2014 MBP, especially since it can’t be updated to Monterey, and set up dual boot with Manjaro since I like Arch and use it a lot but didn’t want to fiddle too much on the install.

My god it’s amazing how fast it can actually run on a lightweight OS. Now my only reason to want an upgrade is for that sweet sweet M1 goodness and not because it takes 15 seconds to open a terminal on the current one.


@thracky My son's girlfriend recently got an M1 and wow is it fast... Otherwise, I'm sticking with my lenovo x1 extreme :)

@jerry yeah honestly the only reason we have any personal Mac hardware is because my wife works for Apple and gets a hefty extra discount every 3 years.

But the M1 is pretty darn fascinating and I would maybe snag one even at full price, especially after seeing the performance VMware (I think?) was getting out of it in early testing with ARM VMs.

@thracky @jerry I've been really happy with my M1 (16"). The battery and speed is amazing.

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