@jerry for real I’m actually using edge since it’s chromium and just, idk, feels less sleazy than the alternatives these days? Which feels weird to even say.

It’s based on absolutely nothing rooted in hard science though.

@thracky I’m there with you on Edge. Was curious what the cool kids are doing these days.

@thracky @jerry I don't know what it is they're doing, but ms are continuing their fine tradition of delivering useless browsers. Whenever someone calls with something that doesn't work it's invariably edge and the same site works fine for the same user with chrome. Idk.

@fedops @jerry I mean I would certainly agree with the now EOL EdgeHTML/Chakra-based edge but I genuinely haven't had any issues with chromium Edge that weren't also present in Chrome proper since I switched.

I've seen enough messed up Chrome installs due to wonky extensions that I think users would do it with whatever the default browser is, making a "clean" alternate browser work tremendously well by comparison but obviously I have no idea if that applies to your cases.

@fedops @jerry The worst extension offenders I've seen tend to be "VPN" extensions for bypassing geoblocking on streaming sites, but that was a while back and idk if it's still a thing.

@thracky @jerry in my cases both the edge as well as chrome installs are done by the (clueless) IT department, but devoid of any plugins or extensions. I'd say fairly vanilla.

I honestly have no idea what causes these differences in behavior but it's too frequent to be a fluke. [shrug]

@jerry safari here - works for 95% of things and Firefox for when stuff doesn’t work. Ad blocking and IP address hiding work well too.

-> firefox
-> chrome
-> microsoft chrome
-> others (mostly other chrom[e/ium] browsers in different colors)

out of these i'd have to pick the 1 that is distinctly not chrom[e/ium]

@jerry Generally Firefox, but if a blog/news site I follow through RSS doesn't do full text feeds I'll read the post in Lynx most of the time.

@edd @jerry Lynx is definitely a browser to check how well your blog or website was structured. Looking at those alt tags.

@barefootstache @jerry Fun thing I learned after putting in a rendering issue to one blog over multi-line <code> blocks: there's another TUI browser called edbrowse that works like ed and even supports some amount of JS. It's like a TUI version of Presto Opera: it's a browser, a file manager, an editor, and an email client all in one.



Slightly surprised to see 'my choice' being the most voted browser. Makes me feel 'good' cuz I have a belief (be it true or not, who knows) that many people here on Mastodon are quite 'aware and conscious' when it comes to matters like 'what's the best browser to use, from many perspectives'.

Am I naive to think that?

@helenaroth that is not naive at all. Firefox is a good browser. It’s not perfect, but clearly has the trust of many smart people.


I use so many different browsers daily:

  • Firefox
  • Brave
  • LibreWolf
  • DuckDuckGo browser
  • Tangram
  • Tor

@jerry I also use Brave, and the DuckDuckGo browser for mobile.

@jerry and duckduckgo on mobile.. Chrome and Edge are nothing but spyware IMHO .. if I NEED to see something that ff won't render I have a de-googled Chromium

@D_70WN oh my. Now you’re bringing back memories of the Mosaic browser

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