I've had registrations open on now for nearly 3 weeks and have only had 4 spam account registrations, including 3 that appeared to be the same person.

I'll keep them open until it becomes a more serious problem.

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@bryanbrake same way you registered for - go to and it should be the same experience.

@jerry guess better question is why should I register yet another Mastodon account?

@bryanbrake no particular reason. there are some people who have accounts on multiple servers and somewhat compartmentalize their activities based on the theme of each server.
The only real benefit is that you get to see the local timeline for the instance, but that's not super important.

@jerry okay, just wondering if it were like a vanity plate... Guess that's what the 'local timeline' is about... And I have auth to each one I register to?

@bryanbrake that's basically it - also, each server has a different administrator/moderator with different rules that suite you.

And yes, you have to auth to each one. There are some mobile apps, like toot! that make that much simpler/more seamless.

@jerry I'll have to look into toot!... I'd imagine your local timeline is a bit busier than the one

@bryanbrake I am not sure about that - mastodon.socia has 50x the number of users that does...

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