Follow should be accessible via ipv6 now.

In other news, here we are in 2022 and there are still ISPs out there that don't support ipv6, like the one that serves my beach condo

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@jerry Is Hurricane Electric still around, helping beachgoers out?

@Azt3c that’s disappointing. We really need to finish the move soon. This dual mode is crazy

I have big doubts on the move any time soon...😔 BTW I need to ask my ISP if they already introduced IPv6

@Azt3c looks like the US is at 46% IPv6 enabled and rest of world is 22% according to this: so I think you are indeed correct.

@jerry and the one in the Washington DC metro area that serves me

@jerry Is there anything, besides AAAA record and ensuring the server has IPv6 configuration and Nginx listening that needs paying attention to?

@jerry Seems easy enough... now I need to figure out why my router isn't passing IPv6 to my desktop.

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