Apologies for the outage. I really need to move this site to a different provider.

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@jerry inexcusable... How've you been Jerry? Without derbycon (and.. well.. the world shutting down) I haven't had an excuse to randomly bump into you in a long time!

@gangrif hi Nate. I’ve been busier than I ever thought possible with my new job, but that is a good thing I think. How are you doing? I do miss Debry. And restaurants.

@jerry oh? What's the new gig? I started a new role as a TAM at red hat about a year ago. It's been pretty awesome.

I'm actually surprised at how much I miss just being able to go out and be with people.

@gangrif do you have access to BluePages? Look me up :-)

@jerry I don't know that I do. Were still pretty isolated from the blue mother ship. ;)

@jerry nope. we already had enough chat platforms. :P

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